Writing in the Age of Big Content

Writing has always been considered the powerful way to get a message across to the public. Write a Nonfiction book, a novel, an article, or a letter to the Times newspaper to get your opinion across or tell the world how to get something done with a “how to” book.

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It seems to me that everybody is a writer these days. Just push a button and browse the articles and book titles galore on platforms written by authors from all over the World and you’ll see.

Fizzled Brains and Instagrammed Crotches

The powerful word has been diluted by a glut of quickly written ideas and opinions, advertisements masquerading as articles, newspapers that push opinions that nobody wants to know about. Young women post photos of their crotches, young men show of their muscles while working out in the gym. Anything goes and the imaginations of readers are fizzling with snippets of information and images that they don’t know what to do with.

Authority Content vs Education between Peers

Content is King. That’s the word. Get as much of it out there as possible and get noticed.

The authority of the Media as a source of news and information is no longer.

Peer to peer information and education is now in our hands. And it’s trending upwards.

The Surfer’s Problem

The writers who take on the task of going into the fray and doing battle with other content writers know that half the game is to get as much content onto your blog or the web as possible. It seems to me that there are a hell of a lot of people out there writing, and they have bags of energy to churn out enormous quantities of content to grab attention. The result is repetitiveness.

I’m a web-junkie. I get caught up in the act as much as everybody else. Click, click, click, and I think I’ve found something to read — no, I read something similar this morning or last week, I can’t remember anymore. My brain is close to overloading with content.

If somebody asked me to remember which adverts I’d seen over the last week and which ones I found most interesting, I think I’d draw a blank.

If I retailed the articles on politics this week I’d say Brexit and Trump. Trump news being the most vacuous in content. Mostly, articles about “Alternative Facts”. Nothing much about what’s happening and how’s it going forward.

Headlining it and Hoping for the Best

I Tweet to my 20,000 Followers on Twitter. I don’t know if they read the Tweet or follow through to the article. I tweet blog posts that I write occasionally. I send a post to Facebook and get a few likes for something interesting. What is interesting is the headline written by a professional writer determined to get eyes on his or her work. People “Like” headlines, but I don’t believe they read the content too often.

We’ve got Content. But we haven’t got real readers, most of the time. Is that the problem correctly stated?

A Writer’s Task

Writers who take up the pen are contributing to the amazing opportunity that we are living in today. The ability to help and educate others through the peer to peer advantage of the internet.

Those writers should think of themselves as influencers who are going to make an impact on their readers in one way or another. The reader is going to get something to take away or be turned-off and walk away.

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Highly Attractive Content

A Reader’s Task

Readers who enjoy reading because it edifies and educates their mind. It’s sustenance for the soul, informative instead of copy for a product. Readers who trust a writer to deliver the goods and entertain and inform, they’ll always come back and read some more, if it’s good stuff.

They won’t come back if it’s trivial. They’ll let the waves take them across the ocean of web-content that lies ahead. The hungry reader surfing for an island of hopeful content that might justify a longer pause with a note to the thoughts that will be remembered in a few days. A place on the enormous sea of content that is worth returning to for second reading session.

As writers we have a responsibility to create quality content that a reader wants to read. A few writers are doing it and many are not; many are creating the blocks of content that fill spaces on blogs and web pages, they are hoping that mass of content will overcome the quality of writing.

Let’s be writers who have something to say, who have the desire to inform and educate our peers through experience and knowledge. Filling the internet with quality is a good SEO practice too.

What’s your opinion on this subject?

I’d love to know if others share the same thoughts about writing quality content.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living http://seandurham.eu

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