Tattoos and Humorous Body Marks

The Tasteful and the not so Tasteful Art of Tattoos

I originally wrote this as an answer on a popular forum where people ask daft questions, and good questions.

“Why is it So Bad to Write on Myself?” a Quora member

I couldn’t help myself.

We Need Thinkers in the World

So, really, you could say that it doesn’t not do anything, in fact it causes a reaction from other people, and causes them to think. Which in so being achieved, is a great service to the human race — we need more thinkers.

Not so Ancient History

Talking of thinkers, there are also people known as “inkers”, but not the kind found in the history of the Aztecs.

Beware the Magicians

The magical procedure can be painful, some say it’s a re-birthing process, depending on how detailed and skilled the “inker” practices their sorcery.

Black Magic — not Sweet Chocolate

Some people really do cause others to think deeply when they have inadvertently been written on by a black magician of the pen.

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