Why You should Immediately Take a Photograph of this Article Instead of Relying on Your Memory

When I think about taking photos, my heart leaps. When I have taken a successful photo, I feel like I have transformed time into an object.

Sean P. Durham
4 min readMar 12, 2022


Why Do People Take Photos?

Street Photography in Berlin, by Sean P. Durham, 2022
Berlin, 2022. Copyright; Sean P. Durham

Much of what we do in life passes us by, and we fill ourselves with happy memories and regrets. Taking photos of events in our lives helps us to reinforce the memories of the good times.

Life is fast. The camera helps us to hold moments important to us. We can’t stop time, but we can capture fragments of it. The skill of using a camera is to develop the ability to look and see which moments are worth keeping.

Life itself is a mystery. The world presents us with a simple matter, go to work, pay bills, be productive. Keep following a routine.

It’s when we break that routine by slowing down, and taking a different road, that we look at the world on our own terms, and we notice how important it is to capture what we see. To remember.

I take many photos. And I don’t fully know why I do this. I only know that I create a satisfying moment that I experience and can saviour with the finished photo.

Berlin sky, Mitte, Copyright; Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2022
A Moment

The experience is as important as the finish product of the action. It’s like being on the hunt, seeking a mystery that we instinctively know exists but haven’t yet found. That’s thrilling.

When we forget the day and conspire with nature, we forget ourselves. We become wrapped up in the actions. There is something natural about looking for subtle moments in other people’s actions. A face full of emotion, the tilt of a shadow, the dark edge that blends gently into the brightness. It’s thrilling to stop and look at these things.



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