Why Buying in a Vintage Shop Improves Your Lifestyle

We all want to do something good in the world today, Right?

Impulse buying over the last thirty years has led to a huge demand for all types of consumer products- and corporate business has answered the demand by pushing more product into the shops, and creating new ideas that could be attractive to the modern impulse consumer.

The Fashion Industry and its Problem

The fashion industry contributes to a large portion of the waste that is causing concern on the planet. A pair of newly made jeans uses 1800 gallons of water to produce — that’s one pair of jeans. One shirt needs 400 gallons of water to prepare the cotton for use. That’s madness in my books.

Thoughtful Purchases and Thrifty thinking

Trends in buying vintage are promising, with age ranges between 25 years to 64 years old being the regular buyers and sifters in vintage and secondhand shops.

Who buys Vintage?

Women tend to be the big buyers, no holds barred with what they purchase. Men are more into things that they don’t need to fit, or try on in a changing room. Somehow, I think that more men are feeling happy about shopping these days, and the male of the past, with an aversion to shopping days is dwindling in society.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living http://seandurham.eu

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