What is the Best Way to Commit to Your Blogging Goals?

Goal setting as a blogger is an interesting thought. There is so much said about what the best ways to commit to your blogging goals is, how it should work, and what can be achieved in blogging. But your question goes right to the heart of the matter.

It doesn’t much matter what a person sets their heart on, their goal, if they are sincere about their blogging goals, they will probably achieve it.

Blogging is a tough business, mainly because it doesn’t show goal achievements within the first few days, or weeks — micro-goals, yes, but the big wish doesn’t always show up for a long time. It’s a game of patience.

Setting and committing to blog goals has to be a realistic scenario. As soon as you step outside of reality you lose faith in yourself, or you will feel overwhelmed. Big goals are great, and you should set those big goals of building a great blog that has high traffic and buying visitors. That is all achievable.

If you set blogging goals based on what others suggest, your goals will be about as powerful as a fart in a thunderstorm.

It is only sincere, highly motivating goals that reach fruition in all walks of life. And it mostly only people who know exactly what they want who achieve their goals.

The reasoning behind this comes from personal experience and observing other successful people. “Know yourself”, is always in fashion when setting out to achieve great things. A successful blog is a great thing done, and it’s worth every ounce of effort.

Know what your blog is about. Drill down into the subject matter and ask questions about what you want to give people who read your blog.

Why are you building a blog? To make money? Or, to build a great resource for readers? The second answer is better, the money answer is always a meaningless thought that takes you nowhere.

How is your writing? Should you work at developing good writing? The subject matter for your blog could be complicated and need to be explained very clearly.

Writing techniques have been developed to help bloggers and novelists to convey and idea with emotion and clarity so that readers feel they are learning something worthwhile.

Your subject should fire you up and motivate you to learn more and more about it. Set your heart on becoming an expert ( a real one) on your topic.

So far I’ve mentioned that you should work on the sincerity of your goals; Building a resource for readers (not for money), being able to write clearly,(which also helps with making video and podcasts, by the way). To know what you really want out of blogging, the satisfaction of achieving something that is congruent with your personality and your way of life. That also helps you to decide on a subject or topic to write about on your blog.

Who you are will help you decide firmly what you are aiming at. That’s why other people’s goals are never your goals.

Sometimes, people see that success has a lot to do with having money and flash, so they want that too. They think that’s what the person achieved, so they set a goal to make money, and get flashy cars and oversized homes etc.

They don’t want that, they want the freedom to choose. To be able to say where they live, how they live and who they hang out with in life. Let that be a basis for your blogging goals.

There is money in blogging, it comes to those who get the structure right. The people who focus on building a great resource that will really benefit others, will make money.

Like Richard Branson of Virgin says, “There is always a market for quality”.

Build quality and your audience will stick around with you. That means sincere work, hard work, and being motivated by what’s deep inside of you — the fearless part of yourself, that is always ready to work at something worthwhile. That’s how to commit to your blogging goals.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living http://seandurham.eu

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