poet typing on an old typewriter
poet typing on an old typewriter
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What about All the Poets?

“He who draws noble delights from sentiments of poetry is a true poet, though he has never written a line in all his life.” — George Sand, from The Devil’s Pool.

Who Likes poetry?

It reaches into my mind and makes me feel, Jazzy.

Since becoming a reader on Medium, I’ve read article after article. Great fun, food for thought pieces and some, well, no idea what the author meant.

But, one thing that has grabbed my attention is the amount of poets that populate these pages.

Each day, I write, I publish, and I read poetry.

The poetry is so good, it makes my soul want to fly, most of the time. I’ve read some damned good poetry on here, and of course, some weirdly put together wood that you couldn’t recognize or use in any way.

I makes me feel, mellow.

Who are the poets?

In the world of fast skimming, quick glance reading, I’m surprised that there are so many people who write poetry.

It seems to me, though,that poetry is a great place to go and slow down. And we need people in this World who will help us do just that, stop, slow down, and read enough poetry to allow our minds to rest.

If all a person gets from poetry is to rest in a place of the mind that is good, then that’s an enormous achievement on both sides — especially the poet’s.

I read something about poetry a while ago. It helps us to remember things in life. A good poet will give us clean words. Words that have meaning, not abbreviations for us to figure out, or words that we must Google.

Butter Fingers and Bad Press

A misprint is a real shame, just like a typo that jolts the mind back to daily life.

Words that fire deeply into the soul like arrows and open up feelings that are important. Memories that the poet knew were in all humans, we are part of one thing.

Our experiences are similar but different, a poet knows this and works with it.

Poetry is a higher language of the soul. I think that came from memory, somebody else’s words. But that somebody else said those words so that I would read them and remember.

Poetry is often about things we have forgotten. Like a song, a poem raises the spirits so that we can feel melancholy, happiness, glee, anger. Many emotions, but especially emotions that have no names. Those emotions exist. We feel them, but can’t name them.

A poet works hard to find those emotions with powerful line of words, pared down to real meaning, eliminating all unnecessary dross of incidentals that weigh the line of words with mixed feelings.

Memory and Poets

We memorize faces and places, people’s bad words so we can have our revenge. We still memorize everything that we find useful, but not poetry.

The article below is great. It really gives solid insight into how poets put things together, tools used to create flow of words and pleasant phrases that, somehow, blow sparks in the mind.

It was written by Gretchen Lee Bourquin. I found it very intriguing and useful.

Poetry is useful, it’s practical.

Poetry rhymes, and some of it doesn’t. It was designed to rhyme because it helped memory.

The words and the message were important and could be handed on to other people to keep and use in times of trouble. A bit like when we memorize an important procedure to repair a machine, or get our money from a machine.

If love words, and if you don’t at least have a line of poetry burned into your mind, then next time you find yourself stranded and alone, wish for a poem and maybe a line or two from these great writers, these thoughtful and diligent smiths of the word will come to you and fill you with some joy.

One evening, I wanted write an article about The City and what it’s like to arrive for the first time and discover the bright lights. But, the damned poets had been at my thoughts, and as I wrote it turned out to have a little more rhythm than your average article needs. It’s fun to read, maybe you’d enjoy it.

Cheers to the poets.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living http://seandurham.eu

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