“…we witness an uncomfortable degree of divergence between what we behold, believe, and behave. Probably one of the reasons why there is so much of widespread hypocrisy; especially among the informed lot.”

I’m glad that someone else also sees this phenomena in society. I think that the “political correctors”, who feel it’s their position in life to correct other people’s view of things by telling us how to label or categorise an idea or object in the world, are in constant danger of hypocrisy. They are only human and hardly live by their own precise standards.

The world is very diverse place, naturally we will always have diverse points of views which are the summations of aspirations towards being a better human being and the conflicting feelings how I’m going to get my dinner right now. The result is to become skilled at navigating the conflicting points of view we encounter in life, within ourselves and outside of ourselves.

Written by

Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living http://seandurham.eu

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