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David Bowie — Illustrative use

Music that Will Uplift Your Tired Soul

I woke up early yesterday morning, sat with fresh steaming coffee in hand, and a mobile phone in the other. I was about to write in my journal, or read something, but then this music caught my attention.

I normally like reading some of the humorous threads on Reddit. It always seems to me that the people who populate that platform have a sense of humour and a feel for reality that is entertaining. A good way to start a day.

But, I then saw I had an email with a link to a YouTube video that a friend of mine and a choral group, Every Voice Counts, had made.

I like music, it builds the soul. Music has a grammar that we can all learn quickly. And where words are symbols that we must all learn to understand in time, musical notes immediately resonate with something older, deeper, and archaic in our souls.

It can also be expressed in many dialects and the human brain seems to have already assimilated that into deeper regions of our global skulls.

Music is universal. (Do aliens listen to music?).

I dropped my Reddit thread and switched over to the music. The sweet sounds of choral, the words of David Bowie, and boy, oh boy, a soothing massage for the soul with this beautiful version of Where we are Now, by David Bowie. Choral style.

This video is a treat for the ears, and the eyes. It shows us all what can be done online with art and culture, a big dollop of creativity and, if you’ve got it, a great voice.

In this case twelve voices, all well trained.

One voice a close friend of mine who has spent his life singing as a passionate hobby and earning a good living as a film and TV series director.

Florian Gärtner, top left on the video, and Jede Stimme zähltEvery Voice Counts Choral Group with David Bowie’s “Where are We Now”

Very much a Berlin song, very much a song that people all over the planet can relate to.

After listening to the song I felt charged up, and ready to face the day again. I was right, music builds the soul.

Florian Gärtner in German Wikipedia

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