Are You Thinking about Street Photography as a Business?

Street photography as a career isn’t the best option. Mainly because street photography is a very personal thing.

Sean P. Durham
6 min readJul 19, 2022


Personal ideas are the stuff of good business.

On the other hand, any type of photography as a career move, seems to be tough to get into to.

There are various opinions about why photography is difficult to set up as a career choice.

One of them is that cameras and the photography business has changed, dramatically, over the last 15 years or so.

The digital camera has evolved from a fairly basic piece of equipment that in 2000 could digitalize an image, and show the results on a small screen. The pixelation were rough and garish mixtures of colours back then.

I still preferred to use my film camera right through the 2000s until the 2010s.

One day, everybody realised that digital cameras had evolved into something great — so, lots and lots of non-photographers invested in camera equipment and opened wedding photography business.

Now, we have so many “professional” photographers in the world, it’s astonishing. But, the market and prices get hacked and thin-out with overcrowding.

You may be able to develop a style and subject on the street that works well as photos to sell online, or offline. But in the end, you are still trying to sell your artistic work, which is tough thing to do.

Copyright; Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2022
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If you are determined to sell your work, and find out if you can make a living with it, then study a few of the artists and photographers who have achieved this. There are many.



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