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The Loving Stranger that Dwells Within

A stranger is always in search of warmth, love, and hope. Are you that stranger?

Sean P. Durham
5 min readSep 11, 2021


“There are no Strangers in here, Just Friends who you haven’t yet met” Roald Dahl

Our friends were all once strangers. We met them and welcomed them into our lives. Some of them became like brothers and sisters to us, and we are the same to them.

What a great way to live. To have good friends who we can rely on, who rely on us and make us feel valuable.

Life is not a lonesome walk through the wilderness. People need each other, so they search for friends, the need for friendship is an essential part of our psychological makeup.

For that essential part of us to flourish, and take its place in our daily lives, we need to nurture love.

And understand that to love another is to understand that love is one thing, it should also be given to self.


How do we be a loving friend with a person?

How do we be a loving friend to ourselves?

When we first met the friends we have, they were strangers who we didn’t know, and we didn’t immediately extend trust and respect.

To them, we were also strangers. We approached with care and tentativeness.

We approach a stranger with care, we attempt to show respect that allows them to see that we can be open towards them, and see if they return any of those things. We act responsibly and look for a productive situation — not an argument, or misunderstanding.

Some people have made their minds up that they don’t need any love right now, they’re tough enough, and they will get what they want, when they want.

When a person lives without love of another, and they aren’t practising self-love, either. They are a stranger to themselves.

The love we think about and express in our daily lives is an expression of energy. It is a unifying set of actions, emotions, and mental attitudes that we declare as the forefront of our daily lives. It’s what drives us…



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