The Magic of Your Inner Music

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Copyright — Sean P. Durham 2019

The magic of music beguiles all human beings. We can’t resist it. The sirens on the rock lured the sailors with their melodies so sweet, only to go silent when the ship crashed against the rocks.

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First World War Soldiers 1918. property of S.P.Durham 2019

When we hear the gliss of fingers walk across the neck of a guitar, the rhythm of the drums, the singer’s voice begins to call, and for a moment our mind is blank, we must do as we are told and follow the beat.

Ancient Life Blood

When you teach a language to another person, you witness some astonishing moments of mental phenomena happening.

Language and music require you to use your ears. Most teachers see that their students already have ears on each side of their heads.

The sirens on the rocks, mermaids, nymphs, undines in the woodlands, call to the human soul.

If we are unaware of the music that stems from our own depths, then we will only be drawn to the music of others.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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