Street Photography — The Long Sharp Shadows of Autumn

Green and yellow leaves are turning red, brown, then to golden hues that flash and sparkle in the sunlight. The mysteries of autumn’s magic-show reveals itself

Sean P. Durham
5 min readOct 10, 2022


Last night there was full moon. And as the season changes, the moon’s phases signal new weather to come. Nature prepares itself for cold snaps, and frosty grounds.

In spite of the golden colour, sunlight, fairytales, and moonbeams, I kept my mind in monochrome, and could only compose what I saw in the forms of light and darkness.

Below, I took this street shot as I was waiting for a wide shot of groups passing through the columns of Brandenburg Gate. Somehow, this person got into the corner. I have no idea what they are doing. Tripping, picking up a penny, or maybe, they’re just like walking on all fours.

I took about six shots, it was during post processing that I noticed her. It creates a feeling of intrigue.

I hadn’t taken a walk for days, so I think this short trip around town with my camera was like a warming up my soul and eye connection. I like simple motifs. Below, the man standing, looking, still wearing summer clothing, intrigued me.

He seemed to be sopping up the sunshine. The evening drawing in, the sun sliding behind the trees, and the long sharp shadows forming across the streets made me want to capture the mood of a solitary figure enjoying the autumn sunshine.

The sounds of the city, the pitch of voices as people laugh, shout, or pass, is silenced by camera. When a person stops amongst the din of city life, feels the sun on their back, and has nowhere to hurry to, I’m sure they don’t hear the noise either.

The Sun on His Back

Sometimes, my eyes lock into strange shapes, formations, and odd structures. It’s then that



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