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How to Live and Love

The idea of dividing and categorizing people into groups, and telling them to accept and believe that ‘that’s what you are’, ‘you’re a Generation X, you’re a Millennial, or a Baby Boomer…’ is the antitheses to nurturing love.

Sean P. Durham
5 min readSep 5, 2021


None of this helps people to understand their natural experience as a human being. How to live and love.

We’re born into a world that is always being organised. Always dominated by whichever group of politicians believe they hold the torch of humanity in their grubby hands.

Organised channels of information abound so that we can hear them speak, “follow us, keep your eyes on the torch, we know the way out of this mess!”

And we take it, as if there’s nothing else to think about in life, nothing better to do than watch these people until they have mesmerised us into always and only thinking about their issues. They want our love. They want our undivided attention so that we buy their stuff, so that we vote for them, so that we wake up in the morning and again start thinking about them.

It’s as if life only offers a choice of two options.

Sign up, try and understand it all as best you can, then start shouting for the party. Or, be out of the loop.

People don’t naturally conform to the political ideals of groups. Teenagers rebel, they’re idealistic, and their minds and bodies want to explore. They’re on the hunt for something good.

Hit your thirties, and your brain changes, your mind has expanded, and your thoughts are more about how to realize a better life, how to adjust to the ever changing landscapes, how to secure a home for yourself and your family, find a place to stop and build some love. The whole time those ranting politicians were paying out big money to grab your unreserved attention, you were distracted.

Life itself, love, partnerships, family, children, births, and deaths became secondary to ‘what’s going on in somebody else’s part of the world.’



Sean P. Durham

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