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The Black Inky Line of Alcoholism and Now the Good Stuff

I used to drink like a fish. Alcohol was a creeping demon that had wriggled into every nook and cranny of my life, I didn’t want to admit it was a problem, so like every seasoned alcoholic I would figure out ways to justify my heavy daily drinking.

Many faces of Alcoholism

Breakfast of Champions — The Fruits and Juices of Life

Broken families, bankrupt businesses, savings and inheritances frittered away on the drink. But today, a new chance to enjoy being free and no longer a slave to a life destroying habit.

I was sort of shocked. I recognised something in this graph that I thought I only knew about. Myself, my problems, the stage where I was at was written on the simple graph.

It was 6 A.M. and I felt refreshed, and surprisingly fit.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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