Thanks for writing this, Sam.

I think there are still a lot of men who suffer from depression who don’t speak up about it. I’m one myself, recently I’ve told one or two long time friends that I experience depression.

Just to tell a friend about it, so they don’t mistake a depressive state as a “moody day”, or “feeling sorry for yourself”, situation, is helpful.

I became quite fed up with always being tagged as a sulky person who is avoiding people, when in fact I was going through several horrible days of darkened hell.

Over the years I’ve learned that there are ways to combat depressive states from arising by using pre-set thought strategies. They work well for me, but it’s all an experiment with what works for some mentalities, and what works for others.

I find that learning to recognise when a dark thought process begins, I can implement a more meaningful preset subject to focus on, and remember to focus on the real me, not the lowly-esteemed person I was taught to accept.

I’m sure that I experience depression due to my upbringing; the good old “Victorian style” British childhood full of regular thrashings, and being locked away in a room for hours, quite often — at a very young age.

I was a British soldier back in the 1980s, for me it was a doddle with all the self-discipline, so I loved it. I totally thrived in the primitive environment of harsh discipline and locked up emotions.

Men under pressure can’t speak up among other men under pressure, such is the Army. So, they hit the booze, and use violent behaviour to “let off steam” .

Depression really is a killer. I’ve known three people, friends, in my life who have committed suicide. Their deaths made me think very deeply on the subject, and I can only come to the conclusion that they didn’t really want to stop living, they wanted a bad day to stop. They would have loved the next sun rise.

Thanks again for writing this, Sam. A very important talking point that needs public attention.

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