Thanks for sharing about this, it can be a burden to live with.

I suffered from panic attacks shortly after somebody very close to me died. I always believed that it was a psychosomatic expression of angst, fear, and all that goes with loss.

It would always hit me in the throat, my breathing would get hoarse for a moment, then the throat would lock down. Anybody close by could hear me gagging to get a breath.

Then one day, after thinking deeply about it, and deciding not to panic about my panic, I tried a technique of grabbing a lamppost with one hand(when it happened in the street) and putting all my strength into gripping on the post.

It seemed to work, and it helped me overcome the problem in time.

By gripping the post hard with my hand, the muscles in my throat couldn’t use energy to lock-down anymore, so slowly but surely I felt my throat open up and I’d be breathing normally again.

It was always interesting to see people watching me, they didn’t jump in to try first aid, or call an ambulance — mostly, they just gawped at me wondering if I was OK.

bless ‘em.

Thanks Sharon.

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