Super Secret Declutter Tips for Fashionably Cluttered People

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”
Joshua Becker

Organize and Edit your Wardrobe

There’s always that time when you stand in front of your wardrobe, look, and see the clutter of shirts, skirts, trousers and stuff chaotically hanging from the rails.

“It’s a reflection of your own actions, it’s clutter.”

It’s time to get organised and do something about all that mess.

Decluttering your wardrobe is a great start in de-cluttering your life. Clothes are important, they are with us all of the time — except when we shower, sleep. Some people like to wander around their home naked, that’s cool, but clothes, reflect our feelings and style.

So, doing something serious about the messy clutter your wardrobe has become isn’t wasted time, it’s working on an element of your daily life.

Decluttering a wardrobe starts with a clear out.

When you delve deeper into the rows of shirts, the hanging furniture that you haven’t looked at for months, or longer, you’ll discover ideas that you no longer relate to. Garments that you bought spontaneously. Something was good idea at the time, but when you got home you just couldn’t fit it with anything else you own.

This calls for a selective chucking out process. Dividing the pieces that will have to go into a piles of sell, give away, adjust and customize — if you’ve got the sewing savvy down, or can go to a tailor or dressmaker for help.

Some things you find, you immediately like again. You bought, hung it, and forgot it. This is the story of my shirts and trouser collection.

I have a pair of original Argentine tango trousers, flared, dark navy wool, and the most comfortable and stylish trousers in my closet. They have a habit of crawling away into a dark corner and only turn-up again when I think about dance. They look great when I wear them as everyday trousers, too.

Editing and decluttering your wardrobe is must, and not just now and again.

If you let the rails of color just pile up and pack tight over time, you’ll end up with useless items that take up room for the good stuff.

A cluttered wardrobe gives the impression of lots of choice, but really it’s just cluttered with unnecessary fabrics and textiles that you’ll never wear.

If looking great is your thing, being able to go to your wardrobe in the morning and spend your time making choices that are based on what to wear, and not on “why is that still here?”, then decluttering a wardrobe is part and parcel of staying stylish.

The clothes that you choose for selling on, or giving away, can finance the next purchases you make.

Somebody out there isn’t as financially well off as you so a secondhand buy for them, from a choice you made, is a great opportunity to avoid buying a mass produced clothing item that adds to the vast mountain of waste on our planet.

You can sell on eBay, Etsy, or, possibly, to your local secondhand outlet.

Colors and Choices

Balance the color and form of what you own, buy according to what you already have in your Closet

Organize everything by type of clothing first, then color. This makes it easy to make selections about mixing fabrics and texture, and colors that create contrast or harmonious tones to an outfit.

A man can look at a shirt. Then a make a choice about a smart buttoned up top, and the V formed by a jacket — blazer style or wool jacket, is the starting point for creating composition.

Learning to look at the shapes and colors as one big composition, then selectively look at each small area of the composition to see if something is “off”, or not, ensures attention to detail.

If your look is important, then take time to study your own composition from head to foot, from waist to neck, then the area around the collar to bottom point of the V formed by your clothes.

Details make an enormous difference to the finished styling that you want.

Decluttering is you keeping your style and getting rid of the Confusing hangers on.

Understanding what you like is a key to your own style, knowing your style is key to knowing what you need to get rid of from your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe holds the details. Categorize clothes, colors hanging together, jeans separate from trousers or pants, shirts neatly hanging without collars twisted and crushed. All this attention to detail, even in the smallest of wardrobes, makes life less cluttered and more stylish.

You have a style, it’s in your wardrobe. Maybe you’ve never really organized it so that seeing it and choosing it each morning is easy.

Hang Good

Hangers are important equipment. Buy hangers from the same place, the same shapes, and make them wooden-hangers — they will last longer.

The same style of hangers means that your clothes will hang correctly without twisting and buckling on wire hangers that come from the retail trade.

Your Drawers — Decluttered or a small clothes dump?

You can also purchase small boxes that fit into the drawers for socks and underwear, it makes life sweet when a sock drawer isn’t a twisted mess of undies, belts, and odd socks.

How many Pairs of shoes do You have?

If you keep an army of shoes, then get shoe racks, a cupboard with shelving especially for your shoes is a must. Otherwise keep them in their boxes and stack them — not everybody has a walk in closet, and some people live in a place that could pass as a Hollywood closet.

Every time I speak to woman about shoes, I love what I hear. Her face lights up, and she has a lot to say on the subject. Shoe stories can make for wonderful listening. Friendships are formed through the exciting tales told about shoes.

That’s how life is, a lot of shoes is a nice thing, and sometimes shoes can wait until their day comes. Hence, we have so many women looking like they are seriously collecting the whole 20th century range of shoe styles.

Men, on the other hand, need a lot of encouragement to own more than three or four pairs.

Even if you only have s few pairs of shoes, they need a place. At least one pair will be your top choice, why not look after them with a smart shoe rack that holds five pairs.

Protect what You like

Jackets and shirts that are worth keeping can be expensive. Hopefully because you chose to purchase something with quality fabric and natural fibers.

Use dust covers for suits, and jackets. White shirts should be at least covered across the shoulders with a quarter cut dust sleeve. This protects the important collar and neck area from gathering too much dust, which can eventually turn a good white collar into a graying, sad looking excuse with no hope.

Seasonal Feelings of Good Declutter-Sense

Finally, a good decluttering should involve separating your clothes by seasons. Heavy wool pullovers and jackets can be folded and stacked into drawers, hopefully a drawer that you don’t need to touch until the cool season comes round.

Even shirt and blouse fabrics are seasonal. A thin cotton shirt that is great in the heat, will automatically become your blind spot in the winter. Find a small section on a rail for those very flimsy fabrics that you won’t touch in winter. When Summer comes you will always know where to look for the right piece.

Decluttering Helps You find your Style

You can find your style by experimenting with what to keep and what to throw. Use the results as a base idea for developing your own signature look.

A signature look is just about being yourself — but dressed really well, all of the time.

Finding your own look is about knowing who you are, and being honest about your body shape, the silhouette that you cut, and the fabrics and colors that work best on you.

You could feel great in skinny jeans and silky blouse or shirt, and when you look in the mirror you know your right — it’s just simply you. Then build on that feel and look when you go shopping.

Your signature look is as much about the figure you cut, what others see, as it is about how you feel. Whether you’re a minimalist, or a fill my wardrobe-ist, If you feel comfortable and relaxed, then it’s because you got it right.

Decluttering is a rewarding time. It makes you feel better about your choices, and gets you thinking about all the possibilities that were hiding out in your wardrobe, have fun.

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