Starting a Small Business over 50 years old

Sean P. Durham
11 min readSep 23, 2018
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Are you too old to begin a New Venture?

Starting out with a new idea in business — becoming an entrepreneur at 50 plus of age, can seem like a wild ass idea to some baby-Boomers. But Steve Siebold, the author of “How Rich People Think”, has a different take on being older, wiser and ready for the challenges of making it as a 50 plus entrepreneur.

According to Steve Siebold, once you hit the big 5–0, you have a wealth of knowledge that the younger generations just don’t, and can’t possess. Life is a great teacher. Life serves up its ups & downs so that we are faced with hardships, tough times and happy times, again and again life teaches us how to live life, what we can expect, and it teaches us the importance of persistence and tenacity in living life and getting what we want. Steve Siebold interviewed well over 1200 successful people to get to the heart of the matter — what makes them successful in their endeavours as sales people and business people.

He’s convinced that if you have an idea that offers value and use to other people and you focus on delivering that idea to the right people, people who need it, then you will be successful. Business is a tough path to traverse for most people, but when you have a lifetime of knowledge about what a real set-back is, and what is nothing more than the type of problem that always crops up when you try to shift something, then you’ll find the path becomes easier.

Younger people have a wealth of information at their hands. They can learn quickly and efficiently from the internet, the social interactions of the internet help to facilitate learning and exchange of ideas more rapidly than we could have back in our youth. The difference is, if you’re over 50 years old, you’ve already taken that hard earned knowledge and put it to task. You’ve been through the mill and seen, first hand, what works and what’s bullshit. Knowing the difference helps develop a better decision making brain, and a great BS detector. Something that every Millenial should develop rapidly, the internet and its information sources being what they are.

I suspect that we over 50s, have learned our lessons on the road of life. We didn’t get our knowledge and information from a portal with a shiny screen. That makes…

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