“So you “love the company of women” huh? And you wonder why most masculine men are idiots, huh? Well good for you. But the mass of men have been left behind by liberal theology. They’re wasting away, ripe for becoming radicalized. And liberals are happy to abandon them.”

I don’t wonder why most masculine men are idiots. I do believe that men like Tucker Carlson perpetuate a false image of what it is to be masculine by implying that some sort of Hollywood image is a healthy thing to strive for. Pure fantasy, that only leads to disappointment.

Men and women are different, I say that because of the terribly bad idea of feminists who also use the the ‘gone wild political correctness’, to explain why masculinity is a toxic thing. Basically, it seems to me, that their are many misinformed young women who believe that the objective is to polarise the situation between men and women. That doesn’t solve problems it creates the same problem but back to front. Men and women always have problems understanding each other. A man can’t pretend to understand how a woman feels, especially when a social group of women identify a common problem among themselves and tell the world that it should be changed. All men can do in this situation is to believe them. They are telling us about themselves, men should listen and understand the problem and maybe we can all together change the problem, not the pole positions.

Woman too, can’t tell men what masculinity is, they have no position mentally to be able to express themselves from the point of view of a man. Yet unfortunately, there are a lot of young women who believe that feminist issues are about just that, convincing men that their masculinity is a bad thing, toxic, and they should be more in touch with their emotions and pay less attention to their need to be physical as well as mentally developed.

It is important that men use their bodies to express themselves in an aggressive way. That’s how nature made us, it filled up the testosterone tank and created physically powerful men — mostly. Nature didn’t create aggressive men with the intention of using it to dominate women.

Tucker Carlson’s statistics don’t help us. It’s just a list that he reeled off about men dying from drugs and suicide. Men’s sperm counts have been dropping, he has a statistic, but then claims that no study could be found on the subject of this problem. So, where did his statistics come from, a newspaper?

Men die before women. These statistics have been around as long as insurance companies have been gathering statistics. In the 1970s, the statistic was, men die at 65, women die at 70 years old. Today, the average age of male death from old age is around 68 years old in most industrialised countries.

Suicide among young men is a danger point between 40 and 50 years old. Middle aged.

Heavy drug use in men and women has a lot to do with pharmaceutical companies edging their way into people’s lives with a pill for every little problem they encounter. Think psychology, pharma is now owning that area of medicine by convincing the public that a mental problem stems from physical imbalances.

And yeah, I love the company of women, and have no problem being among them at work, in social life and at home. Because I have respect for myself, I can respect others and the points of views they have that I, sometimes, find hard to understand.

And, I don’t wonder why most masculine men are idiots. I didn’t say that.

I think the real problem is that people are expected to lead their work and social lives sitting in front of a computer screen. Just that alone is enough to drive both men and women totally bat-shit-crazy.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living http://seandurham.eu

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