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Simple Light and Colour Composition Tips to get the Best Photography Shots of your life

Photography is the experience of making love to the moment, savouring it, caressing it with the lens, a moment of pleasant awareness.

Sean P. Durham
6 min readJul 31, 2022


Every photography admits that they have messed up a photo opportunity by fumbling, over reacting, and maybe attempting to manipulate the moment, when they should have been interacting with the moment.

The more we understand what we are looking at, the better the outcome.

Experiment with your position and angle

Regardless of your style and subject, you need to move your feet and find out what a difference it makes when you adjust the angle of a shot. Beginner photographers struggle with the idea of how to frame a shot.

The more you develop the habit of adjusting your angle and position, the more likely you are to build up an instinct for where you should be standing to take a good shot.

In photography instincts are extremely useful.

Learn to understand the light

The combinations of shadows and light will help you see the object more clearly, and it will offer ideas about how to set up your composition.

When you study the light around your subject, you’ll naturally create ideas for a good composition. When that happens the focal point will become more obvious.

You’ll see how to frame the shot. The frame in a shot is the area of the composition that you want to draw attention to.

Many beginners tend to believe that they must find a physical frame. Like a doorway or window, and have the subject stand within that pattern. This works, but it’s not what we really mean when we’re talking about framing a shot.

There’s a lot of psychology involved in what we find attractive, and what causes us to become fascinated by a certain area in a photograph.

Framing a shot is about how you treat a particular area in the shot, so it attracts more attention.



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