Same here, I’ve been unsubscribing more than subscribing over the last few months. I get taken in by the well worked out lead that catches my attention, sign up and then get bombarded by “buy my course”, emails — which I generally don’t read beyond the first line or two.

Not allowing ourselves to be constantly bothered by these emails helps us to clear our thinking enough so that we can draw our own conclusions about marketing our products, and the best way to connect with new readers etc.

Some of the old school tricks still work really, really well, like great writing, honesty in communication, transparency online.

The Shiny Object Syndrome is powerful, especially when it’s well presented like “just click here, start the easy way to roaring success, and discover the secrets that no other person but you will ever discover with my 1 million best selling course,”. I still have to realise that the writer is telling me fibs from the get-go.

By the way, Rebecca, when I saw your article on FB, I thought, “oh yeah, I like her writing, I’ll have another enjoyable read of Rebecca’s work.”, then I went to Twitter and followed you, because I had wanted to do that last week.

I enjoy your writing, I can see that you have worked hard at it, and you seem to know how to make a few words sparkle with life for your readers.

None of us have to fight for space, is my belief. We have space on the internet and if we deliver enjoyable content, articles and books, like you do, then we won’t want to lose sight of those people we enjoy reading. If you know what I mean, as Eddie Brickel said.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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