Predicting a New Decade, 2020 will be full of Book Ends

The Roaring Twenties sounds like a really cool way to start a new decade. I like it, the name alone makes me optimistic about the next ten years of life.

For most of us today, the historical Roaring 1920s of the 20th century, was all about cabaret, dancing, and sneaky looking spies in felt hats and trench coats.

While the average citizens of Europe were out learning how to Fox Trot and drink from saucer shaped champagne glasses, there was a lot of upheaval in political movements.

National Socialists had polished up their jack boots and started to seriously influence everyday people, and the capitalists who counted and kept the money and profits, began to listen to their narrative.

They were a clever troop of foxes. Their basic narratives caused a rift in society’s normal train of thought. People began to dispute and argue about who’s to blame for the lack of money, bread, and why does my neighbor have a nicer home than me?

You can only do that type of thing with society while they are dancing the tango, and generally enjoying the decadence of life’s pleasures.

As we end a decade and slip into a new one, hoping for a less chaotic political arena in the 2020s, hoping that finally somebody with half a brain might take charge of American office, and that the good folks in England stop putting up with so much monkey business on that little island, we might just hear a few positive roaring sounds in the jungle.

It’s up to us citizens, on both sides of the Atlantic to make choices about who’s in charge.

Both countries, Britain and the USA, are still powerful influencers in the World. They both need to stop the internal bickering and realize that the Chinese, and our stony faced friends from Russia, thrive on the chaos of nations who can’t make their minds up, nations who don’t know their plough from a sickle and allow internal political battles to become the order of the day, are like the blind mole wandering around in someone else’s garden.

They’ll end up getting thwacked over the head by the gardener, with a Chinese made shovel.

As governments lose their power to make policies that make sense, corporations act like men in felt hats and trench coats.

The opportunity for corporate entities to dispute national trading policies that hamper their Global business interests, lobbying political parties for favors with the promise of economic boosts to the upper echelons of the economy, in other words, causing the flow of money to come back to the corporations themselves in the form of subsidies and tax benefits — the 2010s showed us that any tax policy for the extremely wealthy is nothing more than a note pinned to a cork board. It will yellow with time, curl at the edges and be forgotten as ministers and senators get on with with pressing deeds of the day, such as impeachment and Brexit.

While our politicians have been doing boardroom business, and forgetting their real task of running a nation, those clever fellows from far away have had happy days edging their way into the World markets. The mighty Amazon, not a roaring tiger but a brutal monster with a thousand eyes and tenfold tentacles , was forced to raise an eyelid more than once in 2019 as it became clear that the Chinese company AliBaba was now, really, a World contender, and Amazon and everybody else better watch out. There seems to be no stopping Jack Ma and his conglomerate of internet warriors. And you know how the Chinese love the beauty and swiftness of the Tiger.

Well, all I wanted for a Christmas was a straight talking Russian and an honest World Leader to say something reasonable. But, those men in felt trilby hats and trench coats got their wire taps into somebody, and so the fat lady hasn’t even started to sing her Ukrainian song. I’ll drink another saucer of champagne and hope for the best on that front.

While corporate government continues to make money on deals with the wrong people, and the likes of Trump and Johnson worry about their vain careers in view of the public eye, let’s hope that the chatter of monkeys dwindles in the evening light and the new dawning of 2020s brings the sweet sound of harmony to the jungle.

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