Two Men by the River by the River Spree, Copyright: Sean P. Durham

Art Photography — Two Men and a Dog by the River

A good photo should have qualities of art in it. What do I mean?

Sean P. Durham
5 min readJul 23, 2022


If you take photos and want others to enjoy your work, your own unique way of looking should be somewhere in the photo. That’s what I mean.

It’s been a while since I thought seriously about colour photography. Today, I took a photo down by the river.

Two Men by the River by the River Spree, Copyright: Sean P. Durham
Two Men & a Dog by the River Spree, Copyright: Sean P. Durham

When I finally got home, and took a gander at all the photos I’d taken, I found this little gem. I worked at it in Photoshop; dodged and burned, very gently. Balanced the light and shadows, and then converted it into black and white to see how much further I could take it.

Black and white seemed nice, colour seemed better.

The lovely reflections along the dog’s coat, and the orange-red leash that takes the eye through to the neck of the dog, answers to the front man’s red sleeve above the basic composition. A triangle of colours, minimal, and tasteful.

The basic tone of the photography is a blue hue. This allowed me to keep working on the colours without turning it into a garish flash of colours. Pretty simple.

Above all, it’s solid and truthful. Men and dog stand firmly, and exist as if they own the platz.

It’s a moment in time. And somehow, it grabs my attention. I can look at it and enjoy it for a long time.

I come from the background of painter.

If you described yourself as an artist among the groups of people I used to mixed with, they’d take that as a challenge to prove you wrong.

It was as if you’d told them that the earth is flat.

Late night, in a cafe, lots of wine and beer spilled on the table, and ashtrays full of cigarettes — ones like Picasso smoked. There was



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