Personal Development of Your Mind that Causes Action in Your World

You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.
~ Irish Proverb

Personal development is a broad subject that narrows down to one thing — the self.

It’s all about the individual who is aware that all is not what it could be in her world.

So, we create new thoughts that lead to new patterns of behavior. Those patterns of behavior create new actions, and therefore, new outcomes.

The World we See and Feel

The information on the internet is a mix-up of the good stuff and the downright ridiculous ideas about lifestyle and personal development, but it gives us something to think about.

Groups such as, “The Tin Hat Brigade”, the UFO conspiracy theorist, and the teachers of great secrets, which apparently came down the ages, then to land in the lap of a guru living in a luxury cave in the California hills.

Tin Foil Hat member posing for the camera
Tin Foil Hat member posing for the camera
Tin Foil Hat Brigade Member

The Landscape and the lay of the land

The path of the searching soul is littered with stragglers, the injured, and the confused.

Magician and mystic Aleister Crowley 1875–1947
Magician and mystic Aleister Crowley 1875–1947
Magician and Mystic Aleister Crowley 1875–1947

Aleister Crowley, mystic and self proclaimed Beast, said that the search for the hidden treasures of the soul is a dangerous path to follow. The searcher’s path is governed by the moon goddess, or White Lady, depending which mythology you choose to use.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Aleister Crowley

The path to the enlightenment of thoughts and soul is also the path to madness.

The searcher must take risks. Crowley’s advice to “do what thou wilt…” has led individuals into troublesome territories many times.

The way in which we frame the world we see and feel depends on our previous experiences and the immediate environment in which we live.

For some, “do what thou wilt” , means follow your heart and find your own way in life.

Find out through actions about what you want.

For another, it sounds like a licence to do anything that feels good, regardless of the consequences.

Let’s have another party!

Crowley certainly did intend it to mean, follow your heart and find out…

The heart knows.

The guru, is faced with daily fears and failures.

“In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.” Aleister Crowley

The internet offers us so much in the way of immediate virtual results. We can come up with an idea and Google it, then see results pop up, choose a website to visit and read for a few minutes; Hey Presto! we are now informed.

So many people complain that Personal Development, the books, the ideas, and the seminars are useless in the end.

But so many people want the immediate results, and they mistake the code for the outcome. “The map is not the territory”, said Alfred Korzybski.

You can’t change your environment with thoughts. You can change your perspective and re-frame what you see. The re-frame of the object creates a new way of acting in the physical world, and leads to different results.

These new results should be tested for effectiveness and further use.

You can only know about your thoughts by your own actions.

You can Google this book, you can pick it up and feel its weight, and you can browse its contents with glee. But, you can’t have it and eat it.

The whole book is a tough nut to crack. It’s full of intriguing ideas about meditations to practice and visualizations that will create definite change in your own world of thought. The idea is that these changes will be permanent, and effective in creating dramatic new ways of living your life.

The book deals with both the material world and the spiritual world. It presents its argument for life from the perspective of mythological ideas. These ideas are strong metaphors that help the reader grasp abstract thoughts about life in visual forms.

It was compiled by Crowley’s secretary, Israel Regardie a writer and occultist.

The problem with the book is that it is full of intentional booby-traps.

Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie decided, that because all the ideas in the book will only become effective if the reader fully understands what they are doing when practicing, so they wrote-in small mistakes in the procedures and advice.

The studious person who is fully intent on making real changes in their life, will notice these mistakes and avoid them.

The flippant joker who bounces along the road of life, leaving a trail of sorrow, could never be in the position to recognize the booby trap mistakes.

Those who would do as they will, must first face the realities of the labor of the soul. To develop the mind is a task.

To meditate, to practice new patterns of thought, and to act in different ways, requires effort.

The Golden Dawn book shows how, but only ends up giving ideas to ponder — or act upon.

Many of the books we read today, which offer advice and show us ideas about living better lives, stem from one single book written in 1937, “ Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill.

The books of today, written by people with keen insight into human life, show us how to achieve greater things within the cartwheel of a lifetime.

They all speak of the same thing, but with small differences. They are showing us the way forwards and how to implement our own will.

Napoleon Hill spent twenty years studying the problems of living in an industrial society that requires us to strive for financial gain in order to fit in and survive, and to live our lives according to rules where no book exists.

He did an excellent job of presenting us with a damned good map to look at and to use as a guide to our actions.

Actions are the feedback of our daily existence, not the meandering and dreaming thoughts of reflection. This was Napoleon Hill’s first discovery. Be active about life, all of the time.

He discovered, to his own amazement, that Henry Ford never read books — Ford said, he didn’t have the time for books, but he knew exactly what he wanted.

Think and Grow Rich has a booby trap written into it, well, sort of booby trap.

The title tells us immediately that getting rich, becoming wealthy is all about how we think. But the dedicated reader would tell you, that’s not the message of the book.

There’s a few indications of what the real message is for astute readers.

It’s definitely the sort of book you read once, put away, and take back down from the shelf a few weeks later for a quick look at a gem of an idea.

The pages are so precisely full with powerful action thoughts that it’s no wonder that the book is still in print, and still a best seller.

Knowing what you want.

Nothing would get in his way, and if it tried to, he would drive through it with full throttle.

Think and Grow Rich, is a great book. But all the ideas in the pages are useless unless you actively work on finding out what you want, and how it fits in with your world.

Do what thou wilt, but do it with intelligent thought. Then, take action.

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