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Nurse Ratched — The Mystery Destroyed

Every great story is driven by a powerful, unforgettable character. The success of the unforgettable character is to leave the audience asking questions, hoping there will be a sequel, or determined to binge-watch through the weekend.

Nurse Ratched Step-by-Step

“One Who Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”, the 1975 movie starring Jack Nicholson, left audiences gasping and begging for more — of Nurse Ratched. Then portrayed by Louise Fletcher who nearly stole the show, but rather complimented the powerful acting of Jack Nicholson.

Will We Watch the Next Episode?

Now we Know

Questionable Sadists

The original Nurse Ratched’s actions during the story show us that something terrible must have happened in her past to make her this way. The real Nurse Ratched creates so much tension for us, it’s unbearable. Even though we have no idea who she really is.

“Ratched” just spoils it for us; we quickly find out everything about her backstory, and the mystery that keeps an audience intrigued is ruined.

Please, Turn that Music Off!

It’s too much visual information and it’s constantly in shot. Our eyes become tired as they search every scene for some relaxing hidden chaos. It’s not there.

Conflict — the Heart of a Good Story

Putting the Screws on

All too fast and unbelievable by now. As an audience, we are losing interest in any chance of a story as the inner critic and the itchy finger wants to change channels.

This first episode is definitely a decider for most viewers — probably to be careful about dedicating 55 Minutes of valuable lifetime to another garish display of hospital rooms and corridors dressed up in modern art, caricatures with puppet strings who jump when tugged at, and as we now know, a psychopathic nurse who will predictably do what we know she will do; manipulate people.

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