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Love as the Core of Your Identity

Love between two people, an intimate love that is newly found, is a road of discovery and learning for each individual.

Sean P. Durham
5 min readSep 7, 2021


“Love is the Energy of Life” Robert Browning

There’s often a lot of confusion about what love is. We are all taught that love is something mysterious, a thing that arises, and takes hold of our lives. That we don’t control it because it’s a powerful and an almost spiritual thing that we should just roll with, and enjoy.

There are different types of love. A mother’s love for her child, and father’s love for his child. Romantic love between two people. And the kind of love that a teacher has for their students. There are many more situations where the action of love supports life situations.

These all have different functions and outcomes. Love is a conscious way of living in a community with people, a way to ensure proper and harmonious communication — as much within groups as between two intimate lovers.

The mental attitude of love can extend itself to all situations involving people, and should be a basic part of a healthy lifestyle.

Attempting to be exclusive about giving love to others is like using it as a bartering tool to profit emotionally.

Lovers who withhold their attentiveness from their partner until they get what they want, parents who threaten children with punishment, no love, no dinner, until they act the way they are told, are all signs of “love” being used to manipulate.

Love that occurs when romance has the right lighting, the right music, and everything looks so sweet that you start to see red and white candy canes hanging from the trees, you wish it would snow in the middle of spring time, so it wipes out the greyness and allows the fizzing bubble of newness that seizes every corner in your heart to continue.

That’s a great feeling. The feeling of discovery with a road ahead that could cause enormous changes in your life. The prospect of two people figuring life out together. The wonderful feeling that you’ll find a team-mate who is always on your side, and ready to go backs to the wall with you in any event.



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