Love, and the Joy of Finding Good Friends

Friendships vary in their definition. People find friends, get to know them, love them, create closeness, which can turn out be a long and rich experience.

Sean P. Durham
4 min readSep 14, 2021


Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.

Others dip in and out of relationships that seem to pop up in life. These type of relationships occur through accidental circumstances, and develop into feelings of anticipation, fun, and meetings that are based on the same circumstances that caused the first meeting. But go no further than that.

There are friendships that stagnate because they are all based on meeting in a bar, drinking, talking, and nothing more. Nobody seems to have the courage to suggest a new environment, maybe there is a fear doing something new and different together could break the spell. It’s good enough, but it isn’t fulfilling enough for your average human being.

Having courage to suggest new experiences together would probably lead to discovery. Being able to view a person you know from a new perspective, in different circumstances. A step forwards into the unknown, is a step into building friendships.

Friendship is a long experience that helps a person to develop, and to mature. We can’t live as islands. If we try, if we believe that we don’t need companionship and the reflection that friendship offers, then we will shrivel. In other words, our knowledge about life and the world around us will never put to the test and challenged by a friend. A good close friend.

The maturity that friendship helps us develop could be defined as the ability to recognise and experience joy.

We talk of fun, then we think of joy. Two different emotions, or maybe two emotions that have common characteristics. Joy always seems to be the word we carefully choose to define a special experience where we sense something deeper than fun.

In a mature friendship where people have learned about each other, understood what the other person needs, or wants, what makes them happy, we can show maturity by giving joy. The knowledge that we have about the other person allows us to offer something to them. Something that they…



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