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Image: Sean P. Durham, Berlin, 2020

Looks Like a Bank Robber — I think!

I’ve been careful about moving around in public. I’m working at home, looking after my sweetheart — and she’s looking after me, too, and my three cats who don’t have a clue what’s happening in the world.

This morning I decided that it was about time I went to the bank, I needed to have some cash in my pocket. So I put on my jacket, turned up my collar, donned my Peaky Blinders’ style baker’s cap and headed down to the bank. It was busy in there.

People milling around, lines dotted in broad strides while people waited for their turn at the counter. I didn’t want to walk into a crowd without protection so I tied up my neckerchief and pulled it up over my face, then walked in to the bank.

I headed for the cash machines, hands in my pockets, hunched up shoulders to avoid banging into anybody, my face covered with a blue patterned kerchief. There were a few people without face masks. They turned and looked at me, gasped a little and took a step back. I thanked them.

I noticed how a lot of people seemed to stop what they were doing then stare in my direction. One man looked around the place then nodded at security guard. That’s when I realised what was going on.

I know, despite health advice, being careful in public, considerate to other members of the public, a tall man walking into a bank wearing a broad flat cap tilted to the side, a triangle of blue neckerchief bound around half his face, looks like he’s on a mission, going to rob the bank.

Well, each new day of this new social order, and learning new social rules of etiquette to keep everybody at ease was a fail for me, today.

But it was fun.

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