Brexit words in red writing on a map of Europe
Brexit words in red writing on a map of Europe

Will We see the Greatness of Brexit this Year?

Today, is the last day that Merry Old England will remain a member of the European Union.

It’s been a long three and a half years of reading and listening to the rants and raves of “Leavers and Remainers”.

Self Determination to Wander off Anywhere the Government Wants

Their justifications all base on either a single idea of a new Britain that can determine its own way of doing business, or lies about saving enormous amounts of money (350 million pounds a week) — that soon dwindled into a lost fight for explanations that were never going to be given.

Europe has many faults, but, when You think about it…what have the Romans ever done for us?

Europe isn’t a perfect idea, and it hasn’t panned out to resemble the dream that once was thought of, but Europe certainly does have a lot of clout in a Globalized World.

It’s Time for Old Blighty to show its Mettle

Britain, or a.k.a. Blighty will have to prove its mettle in the near future and start making solid deals that bring results.

Scandals and Racism that won’t go away by itself

Scandals on immigration documentation and the rise in blatant racism, cuts to income benefits for unemployed people who couldn’t figure out the hoop-jumping order correctly, all contribute to ongoing problems that are likely to fester if not stamped out in the name of a modern World.

The U.K. does need to be bold to Survive and Prosper.

If prosperity is even on the books within the next few years can only be answered with a Brexiter’s positive attitude narrative, or a Remainer’s gloating and ongoing pessimism.

Twelve Months of Getting on with Brexit

The next twelve months will also entail negotiations between the U.K. and European Union about hammering out a solid leaving deal. Will the U.K. have any access so they can do business with some of the more wealthy EU countries?

New Narratives for Brexit, New Lies to to Tell?

Once Britain leaves tomorrow, details of the future can be pretty much discussed and decided upon without too much public attention — just so long as the Government can come up with a brilliant new, optimistic narrative about how to go forwards.

Suddenly, Everybody is Irish

The Irish Government noted that over 900,000 people suddenly declared themselves Irish in 2019 and applied for an Éire passport to solve their problems.

Brexiters seem to want to Have their Brexit, and Eat it

I wonder how many Leavers and Brexit supporters are among the applicants for an Irish citizenship?

Brexit Day is not Christmas Day

Tomorrow is the real deal, Brexit will kick in and Britain will start to kick up dust about something new. Get the people’s minds off the past 3 years and put some new baloney on their plates to consider.

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