Life and Death and How to Keep Living

On my first day of school I wasn’t too excited, not like kids today who are prepared and told that school is a fun thing about discovery and a new phase in their lives.

I went into the classroom, heard the female teacher barking orders across the room, “find a name tag and sit down at the desk without speaking.”, there was a lot of shuffling and mumbling, finally we little ones were all sat down, hands straight on the desks and staring at our new teacher.

Today, I know that she had lost interest in living.

A few minutes later the classroom door burst open and three teachers entered, the shock on their faces told us kids that this wasn’t a normal day at school. They led the young female teacher away from the classroom and told us all to sit quietly, we could talk if we wished.

It was a mystery to me, a lesson of life that I learned very early. But it never prepared me for the loss of any friends that I have since lost.

In my teen years my friends and I were a wild bunch, we learned to fist fight, tune cars and drive as well ( or bad) as The Dukes of Hazzard — and we learned to drink heavily.

Written by

Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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