Layering Your Clothes for Dapper Autumn Style

As the last mild winds of summer disperse, wardrobes open to reveal the rain jackets and cool weather clothing that you wore last year, and maybe, for the last several years.

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The problem with Autumn is that it is always changing its style too. The weather can be mild, rainy, a little sunshine before the sun disappears for the winter. A jacket is always a good companion. But if its not up to the job, you can end up getting a soaking and realizing that you bought a dud piece of clothing. Wrong textile, or a crappy cheap zipper on the front, can lead to wet layers that you will walk around in for the rest of the day.

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I’m a 33 inch waist and it’s hell trying to find that size off the peg — just ask my tailor.

You’ve fitted and sized yourself to a T. It should all look great and feel fine, the problem is that not all textiles and materials are a match.

The fabric that you wear is flexible to a certain extent. And colors are either you, or they simply are not you. That’s life.

Here are a few Tips on how to Layer your Clothes and look Good

Your style is about what you want, not others’ opinions.

Being stylish is a fun lifestyle. It opens up doors in the mind to a lot of creative thinking that is healthy and makes your day enjoyable.

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