Keep Death Off the Roads — Ride on The Pavement

When walking along the city streets these days you have to keep your wits about you. Always listening out for the metallic crunch of an eighteen geared mountain bike ploughing through pedestrian traffic.

Take a walk through the graveyard these days, and you might get hit by a cyclist. I thought graveyards were places to go and find peace. A place to slow down and think, reflect on life and death, read headstones that give hints to who lies beneath those sods of earth, or find a name the reflects a person’s past life.

Road rage and Tire Shredders

These incidents make me think about road-rage, the lack of police patrols on the street these days, and how much it would cost to buy a small portable tire-shredder just like the police use to stop getaway cars in a chase.


A year ago, a young man was sitting at a terrace table outside a cafe in Berlin. While talking to a friend, drinking coffee, he realized he wanted to get up and go to the bathroom inside the cafe. He stood up and took a step outwards from the table, one foot into the street, he was hit fully in the body by a speeding cyclist. The man was seriously injured and now lives with permanent injuries. There’s a strict law that makes it a criminal offence to ride or drive a vehicle on the footpaths in Germany. But cyclists are doing it, anyway.

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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