Journal writing as a way to Reveal your Conflicts and Values

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To have Self-Knowledge is an empowered way of living. To know yourself, is to know who you are, what your values are and exactly what you believe in.

Just to have this knowledge in your daily life, is enough to ensure that you will be successful at anything you set out to do.

A person who knows themself doesn’t waste time pursuing activities that don’t fit their own beliefs and values.

That’s a big question, and sometimes, people spend a lifetime asking it and trying to find out who they are.

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I have been using a form of note taking to sum up my feelings and thoughts for many years. I call it my notes, others call it Journalling. In either case, the name is unimportant, the activity of writing down what you really feel about yourself and your life, is of great value.

Think about it, only you can write down what you feel, and think about any action or experience in the world.

I say this because many people, too many, keep looking outwards for help about their own problems. I think it’s because of the belief that we are all the same, people are pursuing the same things in life, and that logic tells us that if you find another person who is successful in life, you can emulate them, or even copy their actions and also become successful.

I’m all for emulation of the skills, but the person is not you. To copy their style, their way of doing things, is a mistake which leads to frustrations.

You have to know yourself to guide yourself through the complex issues of life.

Finding a great Mindset, a great idea for business or how to be successful in any activity is all about you and your deeper self.

Self Knowledge has always been the way to success. Don’t underestimate the power of it.

Journalling is writing. Writing is an action between mind and body. It is not a passive activity — as some people might believe.

When you decide to try writing down what you feel about what you want in life, you begin to reveal thoughts and ideas that you didn’t know you had before.

The action of writing is very different to simply thinking about something. You mind becomes very focused during the time you write.

I suppose it doesn’t matter if you use a pen and paper, or a computer to journal. Some people use voice, although I imagine that speaking your thoughts can lead to waffling a lot before you reach anything of interest — a bit like being in therapy where you talk, and talk, and then peel back the layers of your mind bit by bit.

If you begin a journal, begin it with an intention. Something of value to you. To discover if you are really on the right track in work, or life, or to discover what you really want out of life.

Writing how you feel about money and business is a powerful eye-opener for most people. It’s the way to clear your feelings about your views of money. Many of us were brought up with some pretty odd ideas about what money is.

Think of it, when you were a kid and listened to adults arguing about money, telling others that money causes problems, that money is the root of evil … all the bad stuff about money that people blurt out, all of these things are emotional lies. People need to blame something for their failings. Money doesn’t fight back, it just stays away from people who don’t like it.

If you look at money in a logical way, you will have to admit that it’s a pretty handy thing to have, actually.

Telling yourself that you don’t need money, or that you think money corrupts people’s thinking, is just another way of shirking responsibility. Are you so weak that having a good income would corrupt you?

By writing what you feel and think about money will reveal a few facts about how you value money and possessions.

Healthy thinking would reveal that you know that money is a good thing; it pays the damn bills, and it allows you to make choices in life that are otherwise out of reach. Why not get some, and why not want a large income?

We live in an economic system that allows us to participate in business. If you are a freelancer, or have a small business, you are in business. You are one of the new entrepreneurs of the 21st Century. Don’t create conflict in your mind by denying that you’re in it for money.

It depends what you want to do with money that makes all the difference. Don’t you think?

Imagine yourself in a situation where you know so much about yourself that you feel sure and confident about the work you do, you feel that when you develop an idea for business or decide what to do in life, you are very confident about the tasks involved.

To experience a life where self-confidence and self-empowerment are always present, is to be a person who has delved deeply into their own thoughts and feelings. Writing into your journal each morning, being very honest with yourself and presenting yourself with powerful questions will take you into a mental state that allows you to see what you are and where you are going, more clearly.

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Asking questions that you have always avoided is a brave thing to do. It takes guts to be honest with yourself. Most people like to live in comfort zones, to avoid conflict and just get on with the same old routine as yesterday. They will never move forwards, or make a shift in consciousness that will reveal to them how much opportunity is in their lives.

You can change the things that are holding you back by starting a journal or notebook about yourself.

The journal is a very selfish act. It doesn’t include others, really. It’s all about you, and all about what you want and discovering exactly what is standing in your way.

Get past the odd feeling of being selfish, or that feeling that says you don’t have time to do things — like spending twenty minutes writing about the most important person in your life, you.

After a couple of days, or maybe a week, you will begin to see the value of notebooks. It will cause you to realise which feelings are fantasies, which feelings and thoughts are realistic and which ideas you have might need to be fleshed out. It’ll give you perspective like you can’t get by just meandering over ideas on the bus or train.

I thoroughly recommend that you give it a try and hopefully, after a few days you’ll come back here and leave a few comments on your experiences as a mindshift journal writer.

  • Use a pen and paper or your computer
  • Stay human — don’t procrastinate by searching for Apps and things to help you. It’s all about you.
  • Write each day and find out what your writing reveals about you.
  • Write in the morning immediately after waking or before bed at night.
  • Ask yourself deep questions about why, how, what and when then answer them with brutal honesty. Nobody else reads your journal.
  • Keep it to yourself — it’s only about you and doesn’t have any value to others.

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