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Imagine if Everybody just Loved each other

It’s difficult to love a total asshole, we avoid assholes, we mock them, and often assholes get a worse rap than they really deserve.

Luckily, being an asshole is just a temporary fit of madness for most people.

Pig ignorance, stubbornness, seething anger, or just got out of the wrong side of the bed , these are the emotions and actions that will guarantee we are in danger of being somebody’s asshole for the day.

The problem is that many people don’t get it with love, their head has been turned by the power of common opinion that tells us love is soppy, and stupid and there’s no place for love on the battle field of life. No time to get all sentimental.

Well, really I don’t have time for all those soppy moments in life either, but you know, love isn’t any of those things.

It’s a powerful part of human nature that is constantly being hidden from our everyday lives.

Real love, exercised with the discriminating behaviour of an intelligent human being, is a motivator, a forgiving and soul building agent that destroys asshole building environments.

The very thought that you will never get your chance to see a sworn enemy fall at the point of his or her most hubris moment, hurts inside.

Letting such a powerful feeling as hate fizzle out and not bother us anymore is a bit scary.

The real problem is that we have identified with the hate emotion, we define ourselves by it and use it to drive ourselves into what appears to be a hate filled world.

The hate filled world that we see is only a reflection of our own thoughts — it’s our perception of the world around us.

What we perceive the world to be, is the world that we are building each day.

Even when we only work in a small environment with a few people. We then go back to our singles apartment, or our families, we interact with these people and are constantly developing opinions and biases about them.

We build love towards these people or we develop a feeling of suspicion and distrust towards them.

It’s always our choice, a conscious choice, to express love.

Where these emotions and feelings exist, love cannot be expressed.

Love is an emotion that changes everything it touches, it is a neurological possibility that is inherent in all of us.

Our task is to stop and think about love, to identify it and understand it for what it really is — and to recognise the false messages of love that romantic Hollywood movies propagate about it.

To give love to another is to be free of all those terribly destructive thoughts and emotions that we hang on to. There is only room for one thought in one mind.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Mahatma Gandhi

Choose to replace the need for revenge with the constructive thoughts of helping the asshole be a better person, and you are exercising love. Love is a growing thing, it’s an emotion that develops, and through practice we begin to see how it effects other people in our lives.

The more we meditate on what love is, the more we can understand why it’s so important to take it seriously and make sure that love gets a look in each day.

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. Mahatma Gandhi

When you develop the attitude of love in your daily life, your mind becomes clearer and your understanding becomes the tool that helps you to see the world with a vision of cooperation and harmony.

When we give love to others we build a new perception of the world at the same time, that perception reflects back into our own thoughts and helps us to build new thought patterns that are more powerful than fear driven ideas.

Try an exercise in love; forgive an asshole today, they are not so difficult to find. You will discover that when you forgive them, you will feel free of something that was an unnecessary weight in your heart.

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