I recently discovered that this is not a normal human condition for everybody. I’ve always seen days of the week as forms that have individual shapes and colours — they never change and therefore have a sort of personality attached to the colour and form. For example, Thursday is the same shape as the human soul. Thursday’s shape seems very obvious and fitting to me, so I’ve never really mentioned it to other people.

You know, why wouldn’t Thursday look like a human soul?

Saturday is full of sparkling gold and shifting moving dots of light — I actually can’t describe it, and I think it’s not possible to paint it accurately.

Numbers have shaped edges that are rounded or bevelled etc with various light colours.

Music, the same as you describe it: shifting colours, sweeping winds and weirdly formed colour combinations. Also difficult to describe because it could only belong in the world of music.

Not only music, though. It can be the sound of a car driver shifting gears that creates and image in my mind.

An interesting article, I still think it’s perfectly logical and normal to see things as shapes and colour in the mind — it baffles me to try to imagine how non- synaesthesia people perceive things without giving them form and colour.



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