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What Makes a Good Neighbourhood?

Frustration of being cooped up is a part of being human. Getting rid of frustration is often a problem in itself, we are busy and too pressed for time. And going to the gym to blow out the cobwebs isn’t the best option in these social spacing days.

Using the neighbourhood where you live is probably the most important discovery you can make.

Minimalist States of Mind

The fact is, in this world of bright and shiny distractions we need to find things that offer meaningful experiences.

Outside on the street we expect similar circumstances.

Humans are Naturally Curious Creatures

Anti-Neighbourhoods that put Business First

A Home from Home for All of Us

Designs that Please Human Souls

Short, Squat, and give it interesting Corners, Please

Train Stations Married to Shopping Malls

Exploration and Intriguing Roads to Explore

Trees and Space that make City Streets colourful

Walkability — even for the Ageing

The Unwalkable Streets

Out of the Home into Explorer Mode

Triggered Feelings — that Make us Feel Good

Sights, Sounds, Smells, and Gastronomy

It’s All just around the Corner

We Determine How We Feel at Home

Local Vendors and Local Buyers

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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