How to Make Blogging Your Entrepreneurial Start

Blogging as an Entrepreneurial Opportunity

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Blogging is a great start for Entrepreneurial Business — it can develop into something big.

If you have a strong feeling that there’s something in this blogging thing, then you can find out here if it’s a real opportunity for your entrepreneurial start.

Read on and find out to Make Blogging Your Entrepreneurial Start

The more I do it, the more clear it becomes as an entrepreneurial activity.

I found it fit my way of thinking. So, I was bitten by the blogging bug — and I haven’t looked back since.

The creative process is a basis personality trait that makes for an effective entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial starts tend to be small, inkling ideas that develop when someone puts brain power behind it.

So, if you have an entrepreneurial streak in your personality, building a blog, your way, and according to your beliefs, is a good base camp to start the entrepreneurial fires in your life.

I know, an entrepreneur builds big things — the common idea of what entrepreneurs do comes from the news and articles we read online.

Those articles show us pinnacle examples of what’s really possible. They’re the big guys showing us what’s happening at the top.

Everybody starts somewhere, right?

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You and I, well, we’re somewhere down in the trenches. getting our act together. learning the ropes and beginning to shift and shake things in our own way.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” Lao Tzu

Some of us, those who come from the normal nine-to-five world of work, have to start somewhere.

But once you begin, you will see that it’s a world full of potential — and it’s a positive and addictive way to think and live.

We begin our entrepreneurial journey with one small step, and there, we find out what fires us up and keeps our business spirit alive.

No capital, plenty of ideas and a fiery feeling that we know what’s best for us when we think about creating a future that won’t be boring or mundane — entrepreneurial thinking is a creative and adventurous path to follow.

If you’re thinking that you want to use Podcasting as your main blogging tool, then that’s great. So is video. But remember, writing is the basis of developing a good core for everything you want to talk about on a Podcast or video.

Good writing skills will take you a long way in blogging and life.

The way forward with writing skills is simply to practice. To watch what you’re doing, how you say things, and to work on being clear and precise with your expressions.

Being honest about your skills is the best way to improve them.

If you have grammar problems. Sort them out with a book about grammar — you’d be surprised that it’s the least of your worries, and an easy problem to correct.

Creating a blog is about expanding on an idea into an Entrepreneurial Venture.

Ideas for blogging can be anything that you can discuss.

If you are into horse riding, that’s a good idea. Even better when you actually do it, and have access to horses. Your knowledge about skills and riding will shine through in your writing.

If you like a particular aspect of business, focus on it as a niche idea and expand on it. This way, you’ll discover how deep you can dive down and then bring back pearls for your readers.

If you can figure out that your idea is attractive and useful, that people are looking for great information about the topic that you write about, then you are on the track of a winning idea.

Driving traffic to your blog takes time. You must first go out and discover where those people, the ones who are interested in your topic, hang out.

When you know who they are, where they are, you can hang out with them.

Doing this allows you to build relationships, get involved in conversations online, and begin to contribute ideas that resonate with those people. That’s gold worth.

Jobs vs Entrepreneurial Life

But, such is the world of business. It needs workers, and even when a job is interesting, it can often be low paid and static. It won’t develop into a better paid position for you.

You have to make a few smart moves within a company or start up to get to a well paid position.

If you don’t take the reins into your hands, you will always be led by a circus master.

Writing, podcasting, video making on YouTube are all excellent opportunities for a person who wants to break out and create something special in life.

That’s the core of the facts, the reality that we are faced with. There is opportunity, but it’s not one that will lead you along the easy path.

If you are into having your hand held to show you the way, and then to help you get things down, then you might be happier staying in a nine-to-five job. Some people need a solid guarantee in life.

Blogging as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur you have to take the rough with the smooth. The rough is the risky side of life, the part where you put value in your own ideas, and plan for a pay-off that proves the risk to be well calculated.

Using a blog as a business venture is a basic business model. And it’s very much up to the blogger — you — to put the work in that shows results.

This requires deep thinking, analysis, and that you understand your subject ever deeper to be able to write or podcast about it.

Running a blog like a business, where you turn up every day and do as much quality work as you can, is the first rule to follow.

If you can’t do this, it must be due to lack of interest in the subject (I’ve been there), or you just don’t like writing and organizing ideas into blog posts and articles.Then, you should find what fits you, that’s a key element in finding your sweet-spot in life.

Picking the right topic to blog about

At first, you may write several posts and decide that you’ve exhausted the subject. Let a couple of days pass, and if it’s really your subject, then you’ll have new ideas. The more you do this, the quicker the ideas come along.

One way of ascertaining that your topic is worthy of thousands of words and ideas, is to check out how many books have been written on the subject.

This helps you to feel confident that there is a large interest for the subject, and that other people have put work into writing books on the subject.

Some People say that Blogging is Dead.

Firstly, those people are not bloggers. Secondly, they are busy doing something different in life and often think that what they do is the only way to go.

The internet wouldn’t have a vehicle or platform to generate ideas.

A blog, a website, a platform, or a vlog,clog etc, all are based on a technical framework built to organize and carry information.

What you call it is happenstance to the purpose.

If blogging is dead, then I’ll refer to my blog as a Platform from now on — problem solved.

Apparently, platforms are in. These are just words, and the people who quibble over forms and the names of presenting information tend to be techie minded, picky people who worry to much about the color of their shoes.

Blogging is in. Hard work, elbow grease and focused intentions are totally in fashion — especially in the world of blogging. Why? Because it always pays off.

It’s a very entrepreneurial activity — it has been the basis of many new ventures the bloomed into bigger and better things. But, it was only after the real hard work was done, results began to show, that the blogger saw the new potential that only comes from being at a different level of thinking.

Every entrepreneurial venture begins with the great spirit of enthusiasm, motivation for the service or product — and, I suspect a good dose of blurriness of ideas that the entrepreneur knows she can figure out as she goes along.

It’s the core principle that causes the fire to burn.

Other ideas present themselves in the form of needing to reiterate and correct course.

The idea the you are writing about on your blog takes shape as you build content. You see more clearly how to focus it, and give it a driving force that motivates readers to stay with you. And then they see you as a resource for their needs.

Entrepreneurial spirit is about going into the unknown and making something out of it.

But as true entrepreneurs they forged on, and fought through with self-belief, tenacity and knowledge of what they were aiming at.

To realise an idea, you must first be able to visualize it in your mind. That helps you to get it down into articulate language so that you can discuss it, think in tangents about it, and find it’s faults and logic. It will take shape as you work on it.

Blogging is a lonesome practice at first. But that’s how it goes when you are making your mark as an entrepreneurial blogger.

The idea that you must develop a log of work, quality blog posts, and organize the work into silos, and categories, can be a daunting task. If you find an opportunity that is easier and simpler, I’d like to know about it.

Any venture worth following in a dedicated way requires huge efforts and powerful focus. That’s the Entrepreneurial Way of life.

Success in the world of blogging and platform building, from scratch, is not for the faint of heart.

If you want to make your entrepreneurial start in blogging, to live a successful and enjoyable life, then be a person who isn’t afraid to go into the fray, take up your own banner and believe in yourself. This is often the best armor that you could begin with along the path of turning blogging into an entrepreneurial experience.

If you think that blogging offers you a good opportunity to start your entrepreneurial life, then here are a few bloggers that can inspire you with ideas, and thoughts on the journey.

Other bloggers, especially successful ones, tend to want to help, to be open and transparent about their progress.

Read their blogs and learn, and I hope you learn on my blog too. Think about the building of your dream and not about the money that your idea could make — as soon as you focus too much on money and how to make it, ideas become fuzzy and disconnected with real working methods.

Your idea will develop, your readers and traffic will increase and the idea of monetization will become obvious as you progress.


Read this whenever you Feel Like Giving up

And finally, Copyblogger a perfect example of what blogging can do, and how it can turn into something very big and powerful.

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