How to live with Ironclad Self Confidence

Self confidence and Personal development is an ongoing task of self-understanding.

To understand yourself is to have beliefs. If a person spends ,most of their time watching others, and copying other people, not thinking enough about why they follow others then you’ll end up becoming a bleating sheep — nose down, eating grass waiting to be prodded on to the next idea.

Self-Knowledge is the basis for all achievements that come through self-confidence. Can you imagine a successful person, self-determining, go-getter, who isn’t confident?

A mistake that many people make is to believe that self-confidence comes with time, it doesn’t.

Self confident people have worked on their character, experimented with ways to “be” around other people. Making mistakes in social situations is great feedback on how others see you, from that you learn, and adjust.

We love a truly self confident person, we trust them and are prepared to follow them to the edge of the cliff if necessary. self confidence is a beguiling personality trait that creates a great atmosphere and positive vibes in the room. But it won’t just turn up in your life one day, and just be there.

Growing up, developing as a human being, self understanding and knowledge all contribute to becoming self confident — the components of a life.

Read great books, and watch videos made by truly confident and successful people. Brian Tracey has written reams on self-confidence and he has broken it down into ideas to practice daily and master.

When you read about successful lifestyles and business undertakings, you are reading about all the things needed to become truly confident. The basis for this confidence is a rock-solid belief in yourself and your ideas.

The “growing up” bit about self confidence is developed through challenging yourself — to choose a task which is difficult, and analyse it for all the things that make it scary, difficult, almost impossible looking, then once you begin to understand these components of a thing to be done, you see that it’s probably not as impossible as you thought at first.

Reading autobiographies of great people who have achieved astonishing things in life, successfully overcoming obstacles that made other people balk, and then ask yourself questions about these people.

You may want to become a great business success, or a professional sportsperson. Reading about other business people and their success is a great motivator. If you also read about and listen to people who have achieved success in areas of life that have little to do with your own aspirations, it will open your eyes to the broad possibilities of life.

Discovering why people do things, how they get involved, helps to understand your own motivations.

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The answer to this one is that they didn’t know, they took courage and went into the fray with the attitude of, “who dares, wins” — that great motto, of the British Special Forces, The SAS, can become your motto. You just gotta be keen enough to carry it with the sort of pride that means you will always take the risk to go into all situations with self-confidence, even when you are shaking in your boots.

It’s often when you’ve put yourself through your paces, faced up to a great challenge — and won or lost — you come back with self knowledge and bags of self confidence.

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