How to Fire Up your Creative Powers in 10 minutes Flat

“Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.” — Brian Tracy

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Your self-empowerment

Successful people always feel that they are in control of their lives. They follow a plan that they know will lead to successful outcomes.

But, they don’t use force to make themselves do things that they don’t really want to do, they use their inner creative energy to achieve the things they really desire.

How Creativity changes and influences your reality

Creative energy is at the centre of our lives, we use it to figure things out, to weigh up our thoughts and formulate new opinions.

It comes from within us, and because of that, we instinctively know that we can trust our own creativity to show us the way forwards in life.

Creative energy is that central steering system that only works well when it is connected with a set of beliefs that we have thought about accepted as true.

When you look at your life and see the world, you naturally perceive it according to your beliefs. If you decide that your world needs to change, then creative energy at the centre of a set of values can create changes and offer new perspectives on things that looked impossible from negative point of view.

Our values determine what our self-image looks like. Creative energy that is always present is our guide and unique emotional force that knows the way forwards. It solves problems by applying the principles of logical belief to an object.

How your unconscious mind controls your actions

Napoleon Hill, Abraham Maslow, and Carl Jung all believed that we have something in us that already helps us to find out who we are, and what we should pursue if happiness is our goal.

Napoleon Hill wrote the book, “Think and Grow Rich”, a book about how you can use your mind as the main tool to a better lifestyle, both financially and creatively.

Abraham Maslow, a psychologist of the 20th century, was convinced that our mind has already made a ‘best course of action’ plan for us, in that we should understand how each our needs has its place in a row of importance; to establish security in our lives, physical security brings mental security, a home in a safe place. Financial gain that leads to improving our ability to be mobile and creative about how we live leads to establishing emotions that are natural motivators.

Carl Jung understood that we are connected through a consciousness that supports us as an individual, but which is part of a bigger universal consciousness shared by mankind.

All three of these people had one thing in common, they were absolutely convinced that our wealth, happiness and joys, and understanding of self, come firstly from within ourselves. We already know what we want.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”, Carl Jung 1875–1961

You need to get control of what your unconscious mind is pumping out into your reality

If we look outwards all of the time, seeking an answer to our needs about who we are and what we should do, we will only be able to dream about those objective things that we see in other people’s lives.

How successful they are, how happy they look. All of it is on the surface, that’s all we can observe of them, the ideas we have of them in our own thoughts become relative dreaminess about how we could be like them.

That type of thinking takes you nowhere — it’s a dead end.

The better solution to knowing deeply what we want and how to obtain it is to trust our own creative mind.

The creative routine that builds self-knowledge and self-confidence for success

  1. 10-minutes before bed do this; carry-out a self-talk, free flowing ideas about your desires and dreams for yourself. Don’t be a tight-wad with great ideas that sound magnificent, big, mountainous — they’re the ones that get your inner self fired up. Talk big to yourself, but be real about what is important to you.

Being fired up inside creates an emotional connection that you can feel each day.

Self-talk about your own personal wishes and goals in life, how you want these things to become your reality, talk about ideas that you instinctively know to be true and physically possible.

Don’t worry about the practical possibilities at this stage — that’s where the creative mind goes to work.

When you sleep your self-talk reverberates into your deeper thoughts and becomes important to the unconscious mind.

In the Morning

10 — minutes after waking. Write a journal, go over your goals one at a time and think deeply about them.

Begin to write down what you feel about them — don’t be intellectual about your writing, just keep writing what you feel, not what you want to think you should be writing.

The morning mind is the most creative mind.

As time passes and you practise each day, morning and night, you’ll discover that one feeds the other in a very positive way.

Your morning writing will be full of revelations about how you really feel about change, money, and building a more abundant life. You will feel deeply for your goals because of the emotional impact of your self-talks and journal writing combined.

I find that by writing in my journal, it sets a tone of thought for the day — this gives me a feeling that I’m in charge of what I think and feel throughout my day.

The end of the day is the proof in the pudding.

I can look back and smile about another good day, a few hiccups, situations to deal with, but all of it done with a much better feeling of self-control and not allowing anything to disturb my newly built focus.

Since using this method to create change in my own life I can only report great success.

When I wake up in the morning I grab my journal and begin writing. As time has passed, I have found that my thoughts have become crystal clear, I’m very sure about my goals — there is no vagueness about what I want in life.

And I instinctively know that it’s directly related to my self-talks and my morning journal writing.

It has a calming meditative effect on my mind, there is a strong connection between my emotional self and my daily actions. I don’t feel conflicted about what’s important to me.

So, you can imagine, i don’t feel fear when I think about my goals, I feel positive anticipation of doing things that I know will lead to the end of another successful day.

The method of “The Double-Bind”, self-talk and journal keeping helps to clarify and focus your mind on your own life.

When you think of your own goals, you must be selfish about them, they don’t concern others when the goals are in the making — you can’t please people around you with somehow trying to set goals that benefit others, yet also create a better life for you and yours.

Your goals are your own responsibility. You set them, achieve them and live by them.

When evening comes, the double bind of the powerful journal writing will kick in. Your thoughts are already clearer and your focus about what’s important is laser sharp when you have a ten minute self-talk, you find that your thoughts are crystallising around your goals.

This leads to better understanding of why you want something in your life.

You feel the emotions that are wrapped around your goals rise up in you each time you concentrate on these ideas.

Emotions are powerful, they motivate you, you feel compelled to follow powerful positive emotions in order to satisfy them.

You become more attuned with your true self, more authentic about how you do things in life, and begin to discover that an emotion of supreme confidence is one of the results of practising journal writing and focused self-talks.

Your ability to focus, to know what you want, comes from this practice. The creative energy of the unconscious mind shows you that your personal designs and plans about life can be manifested into reality.

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