Black and white photo of a man walking up a set of steps with iron railings
Photo by Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh Hashemi on Unsplash

Elevate Your Fine Art Photography with Advanced Techniques and Fresh Perspectives

Taking photos that resonate and move people is the desire to create art. Therefore, it’s going to be all about your approach to the camera, pixels, and what type of subject attracts you.

Sean P. Durham
4 min readSep 3, 2023


If you start investigating the photos and paintings of great artists — you can also learn a lot about how to make a simple everyday scene look fantastic from the Old Masters of painting.

The magic of art is its ability to create something astonishing out of everyday, mundane life.

When you spend time studying photos or paintings, your mind will sop-up the ideas of how these photographers and artists handled light and darkness, colour tones, line, accents in the image that create emotional responses in you and other people.

I love to peruse the paintings of the Dutch Masters. Window paintings that express the beauty of draped clothing, pale northern tones, a jewel of light reflected, my mind spins off into a world of subtle colour and mysterious lines.

All of it is relevant to photography. The masters of oil can teach the student of pixelated cameras the art of seeing just as well as they did their own students.

Images beguile us and we call it art. Many of us chase art throughout life as if it were gold.

The image and the word are strange phenomena. A photo beguiles the mind like a beautiful jewel that holds some unknown secret. This causes us to search deeper into its subtle tones, gorgeous colour balance, and the composition that seems to represent some deeper meaning.

It speaks to the unconscious mind, we know this because we stop critical thinking and allow the colours and lines of an image to wrap itself around our thoughts.

We feel good about it — some people pay top money for such experiences.

It’s only when you talk to a critic about a masterpiece, or a great photo, that your mind disengages and starts to snore as they drone on about the aesthetic qualities of the piece. Avoid that, just bathe yourself in the experience of form and line and colour…



Sean P. Durham

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