Woman Laughing about success mindset
Woman Laughing about success mindset
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How to Crank Up the Power on Your Success Mind-Set

I’ve had big successes with Mind set changes in my own life, and I know that it will cause positive changes in your life.

Knowing what you want out of life, is half the problem, knowing how to get it is that other half.

Figuring these two things out isn’t half as bad as you might think. Here are two powerful things that helped me.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world” — Ludwig Wittgenstein

  1. Change the way you speak to yourself. The language we use to self-talk, to think, determines the tone and power behind the ideas we entertain in our minds. Learning to evaluate our own vocabularies and replacing weak sounding language with stronger, affirmative expressions will often be enough to open up new perspectives of thinking. The thoughts you allow in your mind are the motivators of actions. It’s up to you to be sure that you are speaking bravely to yourself, and not avoiding a subject. When you avoid a problem, it will find its own little corner in the mind and fester like weeds in a garden.
  2. Use a journal — written or recorded on your smartphone, to keep track of your thinking. When you follow your own thinking, you get to know your style, how you speak to yourself, which language you use to express positive ideas and negative ideas.

Using a journal is an amazingly powerful eye opener to yourself and your thinking. Many people think they know themselves, then with journal writing they surprise themselves when they discover the amount of sloppy and weak sounding phrases they use to describe important issues in their lives.

Here’s more on using journals and self talk as a Double Bind method to successful living.

When you discover how you talk and think about yourself, it’s as if you are shining a spot light onto a criminal thought, it starts to run and hide. Your sense of awareness about the effect it has on you motivates you to do something about it and change the use of expression.

Sometimes it can be about your competence, putting yourself down where in fact you know you’re good at something. It could be just an old habit of speech.

Other times you recognise the negative way you view and think about money. Society has got too many negative comments about money being a bad thing, for sure you’ll have picked a few up and now use them as a point of view. This stops you from taking action when you need to do something about your income — your creative energy can’t work with bad mouthing money, it will only reinforce itself and create a big fat block in your mind and actions.

Just two Things to Do, each Day

If you work on these two things each day it will become a habit. A good habit that is self-revealing in its value to you.

It’ll take a few days or weeks, but you’ll soon feel uncomfortable if you don’t do your journal, or take time to have a few moments peaceful self talk.

You’ll feel the changes happening as you continue to work with an understand how these two work together.

The real change is up to you, it’s about the decisions you make to choose something better than mundane ideas, self-defeating thought processes, and use of overly modest language which is really low self esteem language.

These two methods build a solid character, self-esteem and most of all they dig into you in a way where they discover potential self empowerment that you couldn’t have known about without these simply daily actions.

I’ve found that using a journal, which I write by hand because it’s silent and peaceful, is like filling pages with the real me. I discover all the things that have been hidden away in my mind, the things that hinder my progress, cause me doubts and need to have a light shined on them and chased out.

I’ve found the best in myself through self-talk and journal writing. I love it when I can sit down and work on a page of my journal, it amps-up the volume on my thinking and reminds me of who I am, and where I’m going. And both of those are self-made, self chosen paths in life.

I really hope this motivates you to give it try, because you’ll discover something you could never have known before.

Here’s an article about your creative power that you might enjoy.

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