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How to cause a 100% Positive Change with one fell Swoop

I like reading articles on Medium. There’s such a mixture of writing styles, and a good mix of people who write on here. That’s a good recipe for a reflection of opinions and facts about everything, so I’d say, “a great place, for a good read.”.

This morning I wrote an article on photography, then I moved on to the front page to view its offerings. I clicked on a favorite of mine, August Birch, who wrote an article on How we need to Stop Building monuments to our Creative failures , it immediately grabbed my reader mind, so I read it through. When I’d finished I had something worthwhile to think about.

Right now, the shift in psychology is to go in from the physical side of the brain and see what’s happening, Neuro-psychology.

In the past, it was the belief that psychologists would discover what this mind thing is all about, and they would finally put it in a bottle and harness its power. Good luck with that, it’s a moving object.

The emotions are the basis of our motivators, feelings just appear as a reaction to stimuli coming in from outside. That’s my take on it, after self-observation.

The emotions are often built on memories and experiences that we have had. The past bothers us through these channels, and it helps us with those emotions that drive us to do good things like work at our jobs, find meaning in life and all the rest of the good stuff.

The new patterns of thought and action, become emotionally charged patterns of thought — and that will feel like the natural way to act.

Just by knowing what you want, and knowing that it’s an actionable plan, you will be in the position to put on a new ‘set of clothes’ and act accordingly — your emotions will develop by constant reinforcement through actions.

Their is a choice, and choice means making a decision.

Many people avoid making a solid decision because it means taking on responsibility and that means new routes of action — change.

Friends want to help, but the best they can do is show empathy, pity, and stroke your wounds for a while.

Afterwards, it’s back to feeling good about getting past that moment. The same moment, same film, will pop up at some point in the coming days or months.

The human mind loves to repeat things. It gives a feeling of security — habit. Some of those repetitions are bad habits.

Change seems to be hard, we instinctively know it means cutting loose from the past — breaking very destructive habits, and replacing them with new ones.

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