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How to Build Your own Map of The World

“The map is not the territory”, first coined by Alfred Korzybski, is an old expression that contains so many aspects to how an individual can perceive their environment.

When the territory gets churned up by artificial intelligence, it’s time to get the compass out and make fresh choices about which map to use.

Ask Big Questions

Answers are satisfying, questions are difficult to understand

Courage is always in Fashion

Asking a precise question is an enlightening experience — it’s like a “wow!” moment.

How does the Tiger Do it?

Delete What doesn’t Work for You

The Automated Mind Editor

Conscious Decisions and Lifestyle Choices

The Friends we Choose

Self Reflection and Your B.F.

Conflict is an Agreeable Scenario — within Limits

A Push Button World of AI could end up Deleting our Map of the World

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Berlin Notes — Writing about the Creative Art of Living

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