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How to be a Writer who Writes everyday — in 5 Steps

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

— Richard Bach

  1. Writing often is always a matter of building a habit, habit is memory that calls up the most important thoughts each day. If you you write a little each day many things start to change in life. One, you get stories down on paper, two, you will eventually feel a burning need to write each day just to feel comfortable about yourself.

2. Find places that you can write in. Look for a space where you feel relaxed and know that you won’t be disturbed by another person. That can also mean telling your partner that you need out-time to get something done.

3. Study writers in your genre or field. If you dream about becoming a non-fiction writer, then read long form articles, find out how much research went into the articles, read books on the subject of non fiction writing and journalism.

Studying writing styles helps you understand all the possibilities available to a writer.

Read books about writing techniques. There are many on the market, some are good, some are very bad. I told myself that I’d buy any writing book that caught my eye. I did this and discovered some real gems about techniques. I recommend you get your mitts on as many writing technique books as possible.

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

― Anton Chekhov

4. Find out what really turns you on. Get over yourself — learn to listen to your mind and your needs about what motivates you to write a lot. A lot of writing, even when it isn’t top quality Chekhov like story telling, is good fodder for your brain. You have an unconscious, the boys in the basement, activities down there are making things better for you in the conscious world of daily life.

If you write everyday, at least a short time space that allows you to start something, a paragraph, a page, and finish it before bedtime, then you are making progress.

5. Always remember that writing is a personal activity. It’s firstly about you and your needs as a human being who wants to express ideas for others to read and enjoy. Don’t get hooked into writing about stuff because it sounds business like, or intellectual. Write because that’s what you need to tell the world about.

Have patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. being a writer is about work, just keep writing and you can call yourself a writer. That way, you’ll see improvements. Getting better at writing has a lot to do with having a strong intention. Knowing how you want to write, what you want to write and where you want to publish your work, comes through reading a lot, studying other writer’s work and understanding yourself.

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