How to Attract Streams of New Readers to your Blog

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Imagine if you could write blog posts that attracted streams of new readers to your blog each and every day.

It would cause your motivation to scale up to dizzy heights, and give you a feeling that it’s all really, really possible to influence what happens in your blogging business..

What they do, takes practice. You must patiently work at your blogging craft, and then you will see the results that you have aimed at.

Solving people’s problems with damned good advice that is actionable.

Headlines and Titles on Blog Posts

Your headline, the title of the post is the first stop for a reader. It’s the only chance you have of catching their attention for a short moment, and making them think.

“Guess what happened on the way to…” “You will never Guess what these people did after…” ” This Guy made Millions with this idea…” These are all “click-bait” and should be avoided.

Most serious bloggers and writers avoid using them these days, cause too many of them and Google will probably penalize your website, and dump it into blogging darkness.

Put Your Heart into the writing — all of the Time

When you are writing a post, stick to the subject or topic.

Don’t leave the reader in any doubt about why they need your solution, do leave them with a certainty that they can’t do without it.

Close with a great call to action; be brave and ask them to read another article of yours, or to sign up for your email list. If you have a product to sell, tell them about and how it connects to everything they have just been reading.

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