Great thoughts on the subject, David.

“Fortune favours the bold”, I think the saying so goes.

I’m with you on the idea that there is no boldness without fear and challenge to venture into, to take a risk and find out what happens if we edge our way towards the precipice that makes us so giddy with angst.

When I feel doubts about my art, about writing and living the life of an artist and creator, I take a look around my apartment and see the row upon row of books that are A-Z throughout my home, and it tells me that these people succeeded. Theses authors were told it’s not worth it, you won’tr get published etc.

In my opinion, to set out and achieve an artistic success such a write a book or similar, is no different than setting out to start a business on the high street, and is probably a fraction less risky than a start up venture.

Thanks for the article, you presented an idea in a way that made me think.


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