Great article, and very well thought through. It really is a problem when marketers who have no idea about a product and sell it like a mass produced item and have no understanding that it belongs in a market where quality and intention of use is the very thing that gives it value. We seem to be splashing around in a sea of generic images that are offered as suitable to accompany a product in an advertisement, such as a bottle of wine. A company needing photos of office environments are offered a product that is guaranteed to be politically correct and meets some marketer/influencer’s idea of what clients respond to. That’s what they’ll accept more than studying it for its photographic quality, and how it might really be pertinent as an image to their company headquarters — something that a professional photographer would understand as central to his or her task.

Right now, I think buyers feel they must accept what’s offered, as you point out, photographers have been cut out of the relationship between the two negotiating parties in business, and replaced by a marketer’s idea of genius in the field of Start-ups.

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