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Embracing the Glow: Nurturing the Ember of Enduring Love

There are certain elements of life that seem natural. Love seems natural. It turns out, it isn’t.

Sean P. Durham
6 min readJan 28, 2024


It’s the facts that bother me.

Often, when we are young, we assume that love will turn up at some point in life. Then, everything will be just fine and dandy.

We are taught these facts; “you can’t force love”, “love has its way of revealing itself”, “cupid’s arrow falls in the strangest of places”, and so on. Mostly, we are taught, that we don’t have the slightest say in who we love, and how to love.

And as time passes, to live a life full of the type of love that sweeps us away, ensures happiness, and sustains us through all of life’s problems, never seems to work out by itself. It often goes pear-shaped — for some reason or another.

As far as we know, love teaches us firstly not to be so presumptuous about our ability to attract love. It won’t simply fall into our lap, and bathe us in happiness. We have some work to do.

Creativity and love can often walk hand in hand. Creative thinking, taking time to understand something through thought and action, can better lead to an outcome that melds the strangest of cupid’s arrows target together.

Many of us learn the hard way, the first signs of romantic love flutter their eyelashes at us, we feel flattered, honoured, or so satisfied that we sit back, arms open, and then we expect love to do its thing on us. Make us feel good about life, and especially about ourselves.

We do what we learned as a kid, as a teenager, and then when we take that immature point of view about love into adulthood, we screw up royally.

The mysteries of love tend to stay mysterious so long as we do nothing to actively understand them. If we think it’s all obvious just because love’s emotions envelop us so strongly, it doesn’t mean that we are naturally equipped with the inner knowledge to deal with those emotions.

I think this is where developing our creativity comes into play. the ability to think constructively about how we express love to another. The effect it has on those around us, and whether it…



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