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How to Write Passionate Romantic Love Stories Full of Emotion

Short love stories are often sad. It means it didn’t work out for two people who started out with hope, but discovered that hope, being the last thing at the bottom of the jar, wasn’t enough.

Sean P. Durham
6 min readOct 25, 2022


I recently started writing a love story. I wanted to finally get to the thing in life that matters most, and write about it. Get away from all the pretensions of writing what I think the world would expect from a man like me; Tough Guy stories, gangsters, and robberies. I like those things, but the older I get, and the more I see this world fall into a pit of vipers who love to rob and murder, the less I want to write about violence.

So, I begin a new journey in my writing and start to write about the thing that drives us all, the need for love.

In story form, not from my own life, as much as that’s possible. Fiction. Of course, I want to make you and the others weep, and gasp, and breathe out heavily as you turn the page. But not with syrupy lines of goo that run down the paper, but with the stories of humanness that want to fill hearts with that good thing. Love.

Bad gangster stories are all about how the boys and girls got to get the money, then met in their den, then looked at each other with mistrust, and started killing each other with their Glocks. In the last scene, when the gang lies dead and bleeding, groaning last words, they tell each other that it wasn’t worth it.

A good gangster story, one that goes down in the history of literature, tells a story of relationships and love, and heartbreak. The money is a vehicle to a worldly purpose, outside of the need to trust, love, and bind people together.

“The Godfather”, a book full of tough men and women who are looking for love. The gangsters have their duty to attend to. There’s a love story, falling in love, forgetting the world and everything in it, then remembering that you have important duties to attend to — other people’s lives depend on you.

The need for love is there, but duty calls and creates conflict within the heart. The characters are torn between duty and love.



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