Curious about Your hidden thoughts? Follow the White Rabbit

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It a wonderful feeling for a person to finally reach the Wow! moment after working so hard on an idea. Often, the moment comes from an unexpected angle of thought, a moment when we relax and take a break from our deep thinking about an important idea.

The Tool of Curiosity

Of all the mental tools that we have, Curiosity is one of the most powerful and positive tools that we can implement during our studies and investigations about new ideas.

Curiosity is aroused in our brain when we encounter something in the world that doesn’t seem to fit our preconceptions. The brain then urges us, through emotional response, to answer the questions that are raised by the event.

Curiosity motivates the brain into action, causes questions to arise that would have otherwise stayed dormant, and activates emotional response to the world around you.

You may need to come up with a better business idea, or understand something in more depth about your life, where you are going, how your actions affect your decisions etc.

Ask the Question — any Question

All of this begins by asking questions about the object of our thoughts. The thing that we find important to focus our mind on. We have an innate knowledge that if we think deeply enough, spend enough time with the idea, and mull over those small attached thoughts that pop up every now and again, we will discover an idea that is new for us, and gives us the power to believe in its quality and its practicality in everyday life and business.

Curiosity is our basic tool. When curiosity beckons us to follow the white rabbits into the dark burrows of thought, we might discover something that is hidden from the everyday thought processes.

Curiosity reveals to us how life is an adventurous journey that can often lead to unexpected places, moments of joy that could only have happened through being open to deeper curiosity and investigation.

There are always ideas that are hidden from our conscious thought patterns. It is those very thought patterns that ensure we don’t see outside of pattern.

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Photo by Kelly Lund on Unsplash

Projecting Ideas onto the Outside World

Mental projection is a big thing in therapy. We need to feel safe about our actions and our interactions in everyday life, so it is only natural that our complex nervous system has developed another tool that we recognise as mental projection, we tend to use it to feel at ease with another person or to assure ourselves when entering into a new emotional state.

Projecting ideas onto a complex mental scenario that we are faced with means that we draw on experiences from the past. Memory is a great tool for projections, meeting a stranger and having to deal with them, we try to slot them into a category that we already know about. They remind us of a person from long ago, so without much thought or knowledge, we put them into that category and begin to deal with them on that basis.

That’s when we encounter problems in relationships, we have probably got it wrong, the other person reacts unexpectedly to our needs and wants, they have totally different ideas and ways of seeing than our projected ideas about them.

Projecting ideas onto a person in life, is a similar thought process that we use when we are trying to get things done forcefully. We feel there is no time for blurry thinking about the idea, “it is what it is”, and we bash away at a hacked out plan from which we want to reap great results.

Then it all goes pear-shaped and we feel stupid about our inability to handle things and our obvious lack of success.

A Precise Question requires an Honest Answer

Asking questions about the things we encounter in our daily existence causes curiosity to come into action. As we accept it as a legitimate way of finding out about life, ourselves and the world around us, we should also practise our abilities in asking pertinent questions.

The “mental-projector” type of person will often ask a question that leads to the answer they want to hear. This a lazy way of dealing with things, it is a form of manipulating circumstances to fit into a pattern of self created lies.

Using questions as a standard way to manipulate ensures that the person keeps their comfort-zone intact.

We can only become adept at asking powerful questions after we have investigated a subject thoroughly.

Business and life is about living in an active arena. Actions are the results of thoughts, and the outcomes that we experience are the direct result of the quality of those thoughts. We must live with awareness in order to be able to open up new veins of action, new ideas, and fresh ways of approaching old ideas.

Curiosity seems like a time consuming activity — maybe that’s just somebody’s projected thoughts about it — but my experience of being a curious person who feels deeply for life’s experiences has taught me that it is an indispensable way of approaching everything we do. If we don’t use and trust the process of curiosity in our thinking, then we are handing the reins over to a preconceived notion of the thing, the action to be done, or the idea that we are interested in.

Interest, is the first sign of curiosity. To allow our interest in an idea to develop ,from looking, to grabbing pen and paper, to a little research, gathering ideas related to the subject which we then begin to put together into different configurations and constellations, is the path of curiosity. At this point, we are already following the white rabbits, and we instinctively know that we should let them lead us into the dark borrows of deep thought.

We don’t, and can’t, know how long we will be down there in the dark. That is how it works. Curiosity will take us where it will, and bring us back to the light of day where we can order our thoughts, reorientate and enjoy the enlightening moments in our experiences.

The enemy of curiosity is the mind which believes too much in its own spontaneous thinking. The bloody-mindedness of pompous thinking is the assassin who destroys creativity in a human.

People mistaking the ability to making quick decisions based on previous knowledge while also snapping to make judgements about ideas, possibilities, and people who they know little about, are bound to failure. This only leads to the problem of blocking our own view of what is real and what is invention on our side. Projecting ideas onto an object in our environment will cause blindness and impoverished thinking.

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of the human voice declaring, “ Well, I don’t really know about it, but I’m very curious to find out.”, openness to new ideas and the willingness to follow those pesky white rabbits wherever they go is what gives life its zest and its vigour.

Creative thinking, curiosity and invention all go hand in hand along the pathways of discovery.

Be a curious person and enjoy the journey into your own mind and its deeper reflections on the world. That’s what the mind is, it isn’t an App, or a computer to be programmed by another person. It is your gift and you can experiment with how it works by using all of its resources.

Here’s a little experiment which is fun: next time you have a longer conversation with a person, listen carefully to their questions. Be curious as to what happened in their mind in order for them to formulate the question.

Do their questions tend to have a set pattern behind them, Such as, “why’s that?”,”what did you do?”, when these questions continue on in the same vein, the person is probably being lazy, and not really participating. The same goes for when they offer solutions to a problem. You can hear the echo of the stock answer ripple through the halls.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and that it creates a few interesting waves of curious thinking in your mind.

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